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Jack Sparrow animatronic looking at a woman animatronic.

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  1. If Johnny isn’t in the movie , we won’t watch it! And they better not take him out of the ride!!!!!!!

    1. Melissa

      Oh, piss right off Disney!

      1. Paul

        Well said 👌👍

      2. RONNE

        Me too, no Johnny no watchie

        1. Melissa

          Wow. Bad enough the Disney idiots, I mean executives shot themselves in their foot by firing him well before a verdict was reached, now they’re set to demolish the Disney Pirates otc movies by “scrubbing” out the main character. Without Johnny Depps Capt. Jack Sparrow character, the films wouldn’t have made BILLIONS. I don’t mean to take anything away from the great actors and their characters. Capt Jack Sparrow is why I’ve seen AND own all 5. Without Johnny Depp as Capt Jack Sparrow, there’s no reason for my family and I to watch it. Very glad Dwayne Johnson isn’t portraying Capt. Jack Sparrow. Nothing against Johnson, but no way could he have pulled off Sparrow. Good luck. Hope everyone’s foot heals nicely after your shot yourselves in the foot for firing Johnny. Dumba$$

      3. Jarrod

        I boycotted the third Fantastic Beasts movie because of Depp being tossed so I will easily boycott this one as well. Peace Disney, you’ve made some of the poorest decisions with your movies lately.

      4. Andrea Angelina

        Johnny Depp does not need Disney, Disney needs Johnny Depp. No Johnny no Disney

    2. Without Johnny Depp, it’s just some obsolete movie. Bring him back!!!

      1. Michael D.

        Disney, you fkn SUCK for this one.
        You are going to have sooooo many fans of the franchise boycotting the movie.
        Expect MAJOR losses.

        1. Kathryn James

          Disney your going down like Budwiser. No one is going to watch this movie without Johnny Depp in it.

    3. Robyn Edward

      I agree with the other fan on here. I got my kids hooked on Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow if he’s not in the 6th one and try to erase the ride as Johnny Depp I’ll boycott Disney I’m beyond upset what their doing 💔 it’s wrong to treat him like that when he was the heart and soul behind the role he played. No one could do it better than him.

      1. Paul

        It’s a bloody joke,I won’t be watching any sh-t pirate film they make without jack sparrow,I think Disney will suffer over this decision financially 🤷bellends

        1. Alanna Mullin

          You can not replace such a character as Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp was, is, and always will be Jack. He made the series what it is , and Disney needs to get their head out of their Neverland and realize that they are screwing up by what they are doing!!!

        2. Linda Zee

          I sincerely hope so!

      2. Mary

        I agree

        1. Dee

          Just don’t understand why Disney doesn’t get that NOBODY ELSE WILL BE ACCEPTED NOT EVEN THE ROCK!!! We want JD back!!!! Disney has been making a lot of mistakes even with the Theme park!!! Whoever is running the show needs fired!!!

        2. Mary

          I’ve already boycotted Disney and will continue to do so no Captain Jack no watch they are cutting their noses to spite their face he was found not guilty so Disney get over yourselves I live an hour away from Disney world I refuse to give them any of my hard earned money and I will continue to not go there

      3. Ellen

        AMEN!! I used to love Disney, they suck anymore!

    4. Disney must be sitting on their brains cause they sure ain’t thinking straight. Listening to a no talent actress Johnny Depp was and will always be Captain Jack Sparrow my wife and I refuse to watch any movies made by Disney…..

      1. Tina

        Not only as Jack Sparrow has Johnny Depp did so much but has made kids who were terminal In Hospitals so happy to
        See him and make their last days fulfilled .I also will
        Not watch this new one .

      2. Lori Denton

        I completely agree with what everybody has said. No Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow screw Disney.

    5. Abby

      I’m sure that they will remove him Rebecca 🙄

    6. Cindy

      If you don’t bring back Johnny Depp you’ll lose so much money because no one will want to see it. He is the reason the movie was a success. If you don’t bring him back I hope you lose your ass

    7. Kim

      Sorry Disney! Without Depo you don’t have a Pirates of the Caribbean. My teen and her friends are already complaining about how lame it will be without him. Epic fail on your part l.

    8. Kathy

      Johnny Depp is the best actor I’ve ever seen. He played this part better than anyone could he made Jack Sparrow he is Jack Sparrow. If you try and replace him alot of people I personally know will NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE! You need to get Johnny Depp back and STOP ALL THIS CRAP! JOHNNY DEPP PLEASE 🥺 COME BACK

      1. Linda Zee

        I wish Johnny somehow had the rights to his CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow so he could sue Disney for using his character without his express permission! That would be a fun court case to see.

    9. Ellen

      I agree 💯!!! I hate the way they bailed on him b4 the trial even started and have been trying to erase him!! He MADE those movies great! I’m so done with Disney with all the crap they have been pulling!

    10. Tina

      Is the ride still open? Seems like I vaguely recall reading it had been closed down…not sure why…

    11. Erica

      Disney needs to bring Johnny back how he looks now as the return of Capain Jack Sparrow. That would be Epic. That right there will sell the movie itself

  2. Royz

    Yo Ho Yo Ho, On No!!!!

    POTC without JD is inconceivable to say the least…..However POTC existed many years before the film adpation and was very successful as just an attraction….

    In the modern day POTC, needs JD…..

    If this is the school.of thought that Disney wants to go back in time and generalize the characters of the attractions, then it should be done for all of them with no one attraction relying on a film adaption with a movie star to continue the sucess of an attraction that was established years before.

    There was a time when DisneyParks, was “generic”, in attraction and character..in a way, no reliance on movie stars to guarauntee future success of the attraction…

    1. Norma

      No Johnny Depp ,no go ever. He is the real pirate. I don’t even want to see the movie or buy it no matter who they get other then Johnny!

    2. Mark

      Johnny Depp is with out a douet the best jack sparrow he is the only actor who can play that part

    3. Ben Shadbolt

      Same, this the worst business decision Disney has ever made.

      Just who is Captaining the ship?

      Clearly it isn’t Captain Jack Sparrow.

  3. James Alexander

    No Johnny Depp, no Jack Sparrow, then Disney can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. And I definitely avoid their theme parks!

    1. Vivian Faulkner

      No Johnny, no Jack, no movie to watch. Disney is really going to feel the world tumble!

      1. Lisa

        I thought Disney said he wouldn’t be in the movie due to the issues with Amber. That was proven a lie. So why isn’t he in the movie now? That his character.

    2. Vickie

      Couldn’t have said it better! Shame on you Disney. Taking on role of judge before the verdict was even read. You were such an icon, a family comfort growing up. Whoever made the decision to cut JD (which is absolutely the wrong choice btw) should be drawn n quartered.

    3. If JD isn’t in the Movie, I’m not interested at all in Anything, that Disney has touched
      And I think that will be worldwide about the Movie
      I’m from Denmark

    4. Trish Alexander

      Just goes to show how many lives Amber Turd has ruined!!! Now, Auquman is going down.

      1. My wife and I won’t watch Aquaman because she is in it. Sorry Jason Momoa has nothing to do with you you are a great actor can’t say the same for Amber Turd.

      2. J. Olivera

        The reason movies are made in the first place is because of characters otherwise it would be a documentary. We get entertained by introducing various characters. Johnny Depp.made Jack Sparrow The movie brought him to the screen for us to eliminate him is a sin and a disgrace to the franchise and the world

  4. Good luck with that one.i hope Disney is prepared to loose money.no J.D.,no crowds,no profit…..

  5. No Johnny Depp no go ever I won’t see the movie or buy it
    Johnny is the real pirate!

  6. Theresa Bozza

    Sorry I will not go see POTC if Johnny Depp is not in it. He made Disney so much money and he made these movies but Disney is punishing him for what happened in his personal life that is so wrong. And as for the ride I went on the ride at Disney world and there is nothing offensive about it. If people are offended then don’t go on the ride.

  7. Mary Jane

    Shame on you!! No Johnny I ain’t there!!

    1. Andrea

      If no Johnny, there is no Captin Jack, so there is no pirate movie. Disney screwed up.

    2. Debby

      Disney has managed to Fu$k up everything they have touched. I.e. Little Mermaid, Snow White and the woke BS, Buzz Lightyear….Now Pirates, Gees I will not go to another Disney anything. TRASH!!!


  9. Leslie

    He is the Captain ! Pirates just wont be pirates without Jack and im not referring to that monkey.

  10. Whoever Disney brings in to replace JD,that person had better be a thousand times better then JD and Jack Sparrow. JD made and played Jack Sparrow like no one else can or will and the JDs replacement will a have a very hard time to convince the followers of POTC series that he/she is better….Good luck Disney….You should’ve brought JD back and paid him what he asked for. Not even Dwayne Johnson will revive POTC….

  11. Lee

    Come on, guys, Pirates of the Caribbean can be without Jack as long as it’s a story around pirating in the region. It can be great too, if it’s done right, hopefully. Just spin Jack into a POTC: Jack Sparrow line, either a big movie about him or small series.

  12. Jennifer

    If Johnny Depp is not in the movie, we will not go see the movie….

  13. Kev

    No Depp, I won’t be watching it, he is Jack Sparrow and that is the whole show

  14. Dr Rocker

    Disney will lose millions without Depp in any Pirate movie and Johnson will ruin his career.

  15. Craig

    No Johnny Depp, POTC will be a failure. JD should be in this movie in this movie in the lead role.

  16. JB

    So much for being proven I nocent, eh?

  17. DJ

    We’ll scrap the new pirates too.. won’t watch.

  18. Roger Stevens

    No Capt. (Johnny) Sparrow, no POTC for me.

  19. Patty C

    BIG mistake Disney to remove Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp made that Pirates franchise what it is.

  20. Nan

    Disney owes Johnny Depp a public apology for judging too quickly and too harshly.

  21. Darlene

    The people have spoken Disney-No JD as Jack-no audience!!!

    But we all know that Disney cares not one iota about what fans have to say!

    and now “Pirates of the Carribean” REST IN PEACE!

  22. Disney you only heard from one side of the story and you believed in what she said. Johnny Depp was proven innocent but your way of thinking you are going to regret it ( BIG MISTAKE ) .

  23. Down with Disney

  24. Wilmer

    He won the case! Why would you guys remove people from a franchise film??? Don’t be ridiculous and give him the position he deserves Amber is a lying bitch and it was her fault all along as to why this is happening. I hate that bofe.

  25. Kate

    How sad you are going to ruin somebody else’s career because this will destroy them. No Johnny Depp no pirates of the caribbean.

  26. Teri

    I surely won’t watch it if Johnny Depp isn’t playing the part of Captain Jack Sparrow.
    He is the reason that I did watch it.
    At least I own all the movies on DVD Blue Ray.

  27. Anna

    Just leave it alone! It’s worthless without Depp. – The only way we can make them hear is to boycott this movie in theaters, if they try to make it without Depp.

  28. Gary Pierce

    Well im done with pirates of the Caribbean! No Johnny No watchie!

  29. Constance

    No J.D., no POTC for me!
    I will not watch if Johnny isn’t Captain Jack Sparrow. Disney you screwed up big time. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Shame on you!

  30. YDoUCare

    DISNEY IDIOTS, get the FACTS, Not RUMORS. U Dolts would’ve fit right in with the Inquisitors & as Accusers/Judges @ the SALEM witch MURDERS.

  31. Tom B

    That’s like having Snow White and the 5 Dwarfs, because 2 of them are politically incorrect! Give us a break!! Bring back JS!!! Enough of this nonsense!!!

  32. Nancy

    Disney cant admit its mistake and that my friends is unforgivable. Its not like nobody knows they were wrong!

  33. Cecilia

    Disney has just lost my entire family. They have continued to make idiotic decisions with their movies and theme parks. Neither are worth one penny anymore

  34. Helena Wheeler

    This is bullshit Johnny Depp will always be Jack Sparrow you have all this gay pride shit but you can’t forgive Johnny Depp like really

  35. Cecilia

    Disney has lost out on millions by their moronic decisions as of late. My family will never spend a penny on anything Disney movies

  36. Jeffrey Wood

    Without Johnny Depp I may swear off watching anything Disney anymore!

  37. Connie Carroll

    I don’t know why Disney wants to keep shooting themselves in their own wallet. Johnny Depp helped make them Billions of dollars with the Pirate movies, but they dropped him before the trail even started. We are supposed to be a country where you are innocent until you are proven Guilty. Disney decides not to wait. Very bad move, and it seem this isn’t their only one. I grew up watching Disney films while Walt Disney was still alive, and I loved all of them. The films coming out lately, I believe, would’ve made Mr. Disney spins in his grave. Rewriting Bambi ? What on earth is wrong with you? Watching didn’t hurt me.

  38. Eric


  39. This entire situation has gotten so petty. What happened to the Disney I grew up with? That had class and integrity. This situation has been based on poor judgement and judgemental opinions. Put yourself in the same position and see how it feels. I am really disappointed and disgusted.

  40. U r making a terrible mistake and will regret it. U will not get the viewership u need and want if u remove Depp. Don’t be idiots. Keep Depp. U Kno u need to in order of making any money! That’s the bottom line.

  41. Cynthia Johnson

    I won’t be watching anything without johnny!

    1. Cynthia Johnson

      So I say scrub disney!

  42. Cynthia Johnson

    So I say scrub disney!

  43. Richard

    To the disney company:
    As a disneyfan I will tell you if you go through with taking Johnny Depp out of pirates I will be canceling my subscription on disneyplus as well as boycotting the disney company as a whole, you will be making a huge financial mistake that will cost you money trying to replace Johnny Depp cause pirates of the carribean won’t mean anything just keep that in mind.
    # justice for Johnny Depp

  44. Nikki Lemus

    I don’t think they should have replaced Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow! I really think Disney should publicly apologize to Johnny Depp for the false accusations Amber Heard made about him and their comments they made about Johnny Depp!

  45. Beverly

    I think Johnny Depp makes the movie!!! I won’t be watching it without him.

  46. Susan

    I agree with all the comments! Disney has made a huge mistake! One that hopefully will be their downfall.

  47. You guys screwed yourselves. Johnny Depp is Pirates of the Caribbean. That’s what happens when you jump to conclusions. Disney has become Woke & Stupid

  48. Neal

    Depp IS Jack Sparrow; he owns it. Without him, it’s not TPOTC.

  49. jalynray

    It’s like telling Santa he can’t be Santa

    1. Linda Zee

      Or telling the Lone Ranger he can’t be The LOne Ranger . . . but wait, they did that!

  50. Carol

    Johnny depp
    Is one of the best character actors ever .. He is the movie !!! . Prejudgment was wrong !! Fans speak . I will not watch if he is not in 🥲as well as many many others I heard the same feelings!
    I am a Disney World,regular visitor, and a diehard Disney movie watcher since 71 every year I visited the parks … some of the changes going on, are really disappointing to me as well as many others .
    I dint think Walt Disney would approve of things if he was still alive .. don’t get rid of Johnny Depp😩 big mistake. he made that movie .. his acting … his character was perfect….

  51. Phyllis

    I have loved Mickey Mouse and Disney for years but no Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow and my Disney connection is no more.

  52. Martin Gann

    Your movie will have no Deppth. Just another reason I quit paying for Disney…

  53. Tammy S.

    No Johnny, no me. What Disney AND HOLLYWOOD did to him was so despicable!!!
    And you would have to pay me to see ANYTHING with AH in it after what she did.

  54. Barbara Lloyd

    I’m so tired of this crap. You fire him for hearsay & no proof then you drag things out about bringing him back to the franchise and now You’re done with him? If there’s no Johnny Depp there’s no Pirates of the Caribbean & no fans. Do you people really fool yourselves that you’ll survive afterwards? If you dump Johnny, my whole entire family and friends have agreed to boycott your company. I mean don’t you have enough poor press with the child trafficking and grooming allegations? I guess you’re guilty without proof too. For people who are supposed to be so talented with your producers and directors you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face. I’d wish you good luck but I don’t think that will help. I used to look forward to your programming when you’d show your movies on television but I’m thinking of selling all my VHS tapes and forgetting you exist which I’m sure more of us Johnny Depp fans will follow. Despicable to say the least.

  55. Xeno

    Guys Johnny Dept said himself he doesn’t even want to come back. They did try, but I agree and will never forgive Disney for getting rid of him prematurely before the case even ended!

  56. Elf

    No johnny no watchie , He made pirates what it is and it will not go over well wasting money even trying. sad Disney won’t apologize to johnny what is that telling our kids judge one another before actual facts. i Bet Walt is not lying peacefully in his Grave. i don’t even like paying for Disney plus but it does entertain the kiddo.

    1. Emily

      It seems like Disney has failed us all in letting Johnny Depp, aka Captain Jack Sparrow, go and replace him with someone else.
      Sparrow made the movie what it was Mr. Depp will always be remembered as Capt. Jack Sparrow.
      The courts proved that he did no wrong in the defamation trial.

  57. Chris Nielson

    You better not take Jack Sparrow out of the ride! You might as well not make another pirates movie, if Johnny Depp is not gonna be in it.

  58. CJ Peek

    Disney quit being a force in my life ever since Herbie and the Love Bug, and That Darn Dean Jones. Walt managed to take a good thing and strip it of any magic. Pirates of.the Caribbean IS Johnny Depp.

  59. KC

    I think Disney thinks too highly of themselves. I think they believe the Disney name will draw a crowd. Well, don’t count on it. Hasn’t Disney had a series of flops in the recent past? So go to it Disney! Whatever sinks your boat. smh

  60. Bonnie

    Whomever is running Disney and making such awful mistakes on that trashy Little Mermaid piece of crap and now removing our Captain Jack Sparrow JD from the ride and the film, will face MUTINY from us. He was and will always be held in high regard by multitudes of his loyal fans , he has been vindicated by the courts but chastised by woke Disney. BOYCOTT DISNEY!!!

  61. Emily

    It seems like Disney has failed us all in letting Johnny Depp, aka Captain Jack Sparrow, go and replace him with someone else.
    Sparrow made the movie what it was Mr. Depp will always be remembered as Capt. Jack Sparrow.
    The courts proved that he did no wrong in the defamation trial.

  62. Wanda Rohde

    Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow makes the movies. Will not be watching anymore Pirates movies.

  63. JD

    We won’t watch Pirates of the Caribbean if it doesn’t have Jonny Depp! Disney messed up!

  64. Allan Schultz

    Keep Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow for Pirates 6 and kill his character in that movie.

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