Controversial Disney Actress Caught Hiding Life Changing Secret

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It seems that the lead of Disney’s The Little Mermaid is expecting a “little mermaid”.

If you are a Disney fan, you know that Disney has been moving into the realm of live-action movies at a steady pace. It seems that Disney is looking to revive the success that their animated classics brought to the company. Not only does this make classic fairy tales and stories new again, but it also appeals to the nostalgia factor that many Disney fans who grew up with these films.

Halle Bailey as human Ariel petting a dog in The Little Mermaid
Credit: Walt Disney Studios

We have seen Aladdin, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Cruella, Maleficent, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, and more come to theaters, eliciting millions of dollars in financial revenue. That being said, these films have not always been announced, marketed, and shown with rave reviews. At the moment, Disney is getting ready to announce the opening date of Snow White, a live-action starring Rachel Zegler as the title heroine and Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen which is set to come out in 2024.

In this version, there is no Prince Charming, in fact, there is a character named. Jonathan (Andrew Burnap), whom Rachel noted will be a minimal role, and may not even be a love interest at all. She also noted that all of his scenes may be cut entirely. There will also be no dwarfs but seven magical creatures. Snow White will also seemingly be a “leader” as Rachel noted “it is not 1937 anymore”. The film has already been hit with harsh criticism as many do not understand why the original animated story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was altered so significantly.

Many are calling Disney “woke” for not allowing Snow White to be a gentle princess who enjoys baking for her friends and seeks out the love of a fairy tale. Another reason the film has undergone such hatred is because Snow White is depicted as a princess with a face white as Snow. Rachel Zegler is a Latina actress who does not fit the animated stereotype — but this is not the first time we have seen Disney cast outside of a character’s race.

Directed by Rob Marshall with a screenplay by David Magee, The Little Mermaid features original music by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Alan Menken. The film stars Halle Bailey as Ariel, Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric, Melissa McCarthy as sea witch Ursula, Daveed Diggs as Sebastian the crab, Jacob Tremblay as Flounder the fish, Javier Bardem as King Triton, and Awkwafina as Scuttle the seagull. (Spoiler alert: Keep your eyes peeled for a Jodi Benson cameo!)

halle bailey and jonah hauer-king as ariel and eric in the little mermaid
Credit: Disney

“‘The Little Mermaid’ is visionary filmmaker Rob Marshall’s live-action reimagining of Disney’s beloved animated musical classic, the story of Ariel, a beautiful and spirited young mermaid with a thirst for adventure,” the official Disney movie description reads. “The youngest of King Triton’s daughters and the most defiant, Ariel longs to find out more about the world beyond the sea and, while visiting the surface, falls for the dashing Prince Eric.

Despite an overwhelmingly positive response to initial The Little Mermaid trailers, loud voices online slammed Walt Disney Studios for casting Bailey, a Black woman, as a traditionally white Disney Princess. Hashtags that said #NotMyAriel went viral online, as many wanted to see the Grown-ish actor recast.

That being said, the live-action The Little Mermaid defied racist backlash. Not only did the film outsell its animated counterpart, but it recently became the most popular Disney+ streaming premiere since Hocus Pocus 2!

Halle Bailey in Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' playing with fish
Credit: Disney

Previously we shared that in a joint announcement on their Instagram pages, The Little Mermaid star Daveed Diggs and his partner Emmy Raver-Lampman announced they are expecting their first child.

While he is now most recognized for playing Sebastian the Crab, Daveed Diggs had his breakthrough performance in the Broadway musical Hamilton, created by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Diggs played two characters: Marquis de Lafayette, one of Alexander Hamilton’s best friends, and President Thomas Jefferson, one of Hamilton’s arch-enemies. He received a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical.

Now, it looks like Halle Bailey may be the one who is expecting.

As noted by The Blast, “In a now-deleted photo, Bailey splashed around in a bikini, which seemingly showed off a small belly, which has fans thinking it’s a baby bump.”

Halle Bailey in 'The Little Mermaid' swimsuit
Credit: Halle Bailey

The above photo was not the deleted photo, but rather one that fans believe was posted, as it hides any signs of pregnancy.

Fans first speculated the Little Mermaid actress was pregnant at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

“Halle stayed away from the pink carpet, so she would not be photographed, and when she was inside, she was very mindful in the way she gave hugs, and who she gave them to,” an insider told Page Six at the time. “The orange dress flow was an indicator she was trying to hide.”

Bailey, who has been dating YouTuber and rapper, DDG, for a year and a half after they met in 2022 in Las Vegas to see Usher’s music residency, chose to wear a long, loose-fitted orange halter gown that seemingly hid her stomach area.

Halle Bailey at Disneyland bibbidi bobbidi boutique
Credit: Disney

The source added that at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, “[Halle Bailey] would keep her distance when someone got too close, and she gave out more handshakes than her [usual] enduring embraces.”

The real-life Disney Princess shared a photo collage to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, featuring herself in a purple swimsuit. All of the photos seemingly covered her stomach and belly area — aside from one that now has fans convinced she is, in fact, pregnant.

Halle has since posted many photos online constantly covering her stomach, which has only caused more speculation from fans. Of course, having a belly of any kind does not mean she is pregnant, it could just mean she ate a delicious meal, but it seems that fans are collecting as many clues as they can.

The original photo which shared the alleged “baby bump” has since been deleted from Instagram, which had more fans assuming it was because she is not ready to announce the pregnancy.

Halle Bailey as Ariel in 'The Little Mermaid' (2023). Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

For now, there is not official confirmation from Halle herself; however, fans will likely continue to analyze the actors posts (and decisions to delete certain posts) in attempt to crack the code.

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