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Bob Iger and Walt Disney in front of Sleeping Beauty art

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Gary

    He is partly responsible for trying to ruin Walt’s LEGACY !!!!

  2. J

    Of course the unions are commenting. Extortion works eventually

    1. Asshole

      This is not the unions Bob Iger single handidly ruined Disney THIS IS HIS LEGACY. Bob Iger returned so that he can take responsibility for his messes

    2. Random

      This is not the unions as Bob Iger has indeed destroyed Disney. This is Bob Igers legacy. He only returned so that he can finally accept responsibility for it

    3. Disney

      This aint the unions. BoB Iger single handidly ruined Disney

  3. peterparker22


  4. Marie

    Mr Walt is probably spinning in his grave right now. These were supposed to be parks that ALL ages…both kids and adults….could go to for a bit of fun and to leave your problems behind for a while. Not what it’s turned in to.

  5. Linda

    He is systematically destroying Walt’s legacy, & breaking our hearts.

  6. Idaho Consumer

    Walt Disney would be extremely disappointed with his affordable family parks being the source of filling greedy pockets.

  7. Connie

    The company is allowing the easily offended decide what the majority can enjoy. Splash Mountain being changed is a prime example. VERY WRONG!

  8. Dennis

    These “outraged” fans are delusional from too much Fox News. It’s like they think Iger is an insidious shadow figure plotting against the world behind closed doors when that is simply a blatant goofy notion. These same folks will likely believe the earth is flat and water is not made of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Disney is a wonderful organization and not the evil James Bond villans they have been fooled into thinking. Walt would be proud!

    1. Random

      Outraged fans ? Parks are empty. Box Office flopping after flopping. Disney+ is a failed platform. The best part is record low stocks

    2. Random

      Are you having fun defending CHILD GROOMERS ? Are you a Child Groomer also ?

    3. Random

      If anyone is delusional it is you. Disney is dead & Bob Iger alone killed it

  9. Random

    Damn this blog is salty. Having fun protecting Child Groomers ? You guys yourself must be Child Groomers

  10. BobIgerRuinedDisney

    This blog says “Add your voice” in the comments. But said blog deletes anything negative. How is this adding our voice ?

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