‘Batman’ Holiday Special Introduces the New Robin

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Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flash trailer on the left and Robin Character on the right

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Batman is changing considerably, as the Caped Crusader will be featured in a new holiday special. Even better is that this new special will feature the introduction of the new Robin.

batman and robin
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Batman might not always have to depend on Robin, though DC fans know how important his sidekick has become in the overall lore of Bruce Wayne’s existence. Even the earliest Robin, Dick Grayson, has gone on to take on his role as Nightwing. The most recent films have opted not to use the sidekick, though there are rumors that Matt Reeves might change things.

There have been growing rumors that Reeves will introduce a teenage Dick Grayson in the upcoming sequel to The Batman. That has not yet been confirmed or substantiated in any way, but we could see it happening. Robert Pattinson might not be old enough to have Robin as his right-hand man, but he could at least be shown in the film to some degree.

Then again, it would be interesting to see a younger Bruce Wayne taking in a young Dick Grayson, teaching him everything he knows about crime fighting. James Gunn is also introducing his own Batman story to the DCU, which is The Brave and the Bold. This story will follow an older Bruce Wayne and his son, Damian Wayne. Damian is a newer character in the comics and is the child of Bruce and Talia al Ghul.

Though Gunn plans to introduce this Robin to the world, Amazon Prime Video takes that away with its Batman story. The first poster dropped for Merry Little Batman, an animated tale showcasing what would happen if Gotham was mixed with Home Alone.

Amazon Reveals ‘Merry Little Batman’

Per @PrimeVideo

This holiday season, join Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, and young Damian Wayne in an epic adventure to save Christmas in Gotham City. #MerryLittleBatman premieres exclusively on Prime Video December 8.

Merry Little Batman is a new animated venture that will showcase a unique style and direction for the Dark Knight. This holiday special will offer a more child-friendly take on Gotham, as Bruce and Damian will team up to ensure that Christmas is saved in Gotham. The infamous Rogues Gallery of Batman will try to infiltrate Wayne Manor as Damian fights back with the assistance of Alfred Pennyworth.

We are unsure which villains will be included besides the familiar character showcased in the above image. From what it looks like, The Joker will be up to his usual antics, though he might be taking on a role similar to that of the Grinch.

Amazon is betting on this new style of Batman stories while capitalizing on showcasing Damian Wayne in his cute and young style. Merry Little Batman will be a precursor film to the sequel, Bat-Family. The sequel film will showcase the fallout of what the holiday special includes, with more family members discovering what transpired when Damian was left alone.

The art style is very reminiscent of Cartoon Network shows, which is the network that was initially going to carry this new animated take on Batman. The film was shopped around after Warner Bros. and Discovery merged, with Amazon swooping in to take control. With its already expansive DC plans, this makes sense.

bat-family first look
Credit: Amazon

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Merry Little Batman will debut on Amazon Prime Video on December 8. We can’t wait to see this new introduction of Damian Wayne, and we hope it leads to more kid-friendly stories.

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