‘Wednesday’ Star Reportedly Axed From Series for Sexual Assault Allegations

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Wednesday exploded onto the world in 2022, becoming one of the biggest and the third most-watched shows on the streaming platform. It nearly edged out Stranger Things Season 4 to take #2 all-time. Netflix took time to announce it but has renewed the Addams Family reboot for an additional season. However, one of its biggest stars has reportedly been written out of the show stemming from sexual assault allegations.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday
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Wednesday follows Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega), as she is ripped from public school for defending her brother with the usage of piranhas and is thrust into the world of Nevermore Academy. The private school is for gifted and less-than-normal students. Some are part werewolves, some can sing a siren song to control whoever they please, and others morph into hideous, Hyde-like creatures.

Wednesday begins to meet many of her classmates, though some are instantly her enemies, as her deadpan and cold demeanor can be off-putting. She also begins to gain favor with two boys, one from the school and the other perceived as part of the regular townsfolk. One such boy from the academy is Xavier Thorpe, played by Percy Hynes White.

White was initially believed to be the creature responsible for the attacks on the grounds from the Hyde creature, as he has the power to make his art come alive. He also continues to draw the beast that has been attacking students. Thorpe became an essential character for the show but has now reportedly been written out.

Percy Hynes White Reportedly Written Out of ‘Wednesday’

percy hynes white in wednesday
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According to a report from Daily Mail UK, Percy Hynes White has been written out of the show entirely. This has stemmed from sexual assault allegations that occurred earlier this year.

Back in January, a now-deleted post from an accuser claimed that White sexually assaulted them at a party in Toronto. The post claimed that White purposely got women drunk at a party with the intent of sleeping with them. Though the post has since been deleted and never followed up, it appears that Netflix heard enough to cut the young actor from the series.

According to an insider from the Daily Mail, “Percy is a wonderful young man; that’s the truth. He never took part in any of the false claims against him, which were on Twitter and never followed up or substantiated.”

White has vehemently denied these claims and released a statement shortly after the accusation appeared on the internet.

percy hynes white instagram
Credit: Percy Hynes White Instagram

White posted the above message on his stories and has since kept it available on his page for all to read. Though no arrest has been made or additional information given by his accuser, it appears that the streaming service does not want to be involved with whatever he has been accused of.

Netflix has yet to make a formal statement or confirm who of the original season of Wednesday will be returning to the series. The industry strikes are still ongoing, making it impossible for any forward movement in the series’s second season.

We know that Jenna Ortega will be back to lead the charge, and it has been rumored that she is bringing along many more of the iconic Addams Family members. With her character having to move back home, we can expect that more of Pugsly, Morticia, Gomez, Thing, and Lurch will be shown.

Ortega and her costars were recently part of the TUDUM Netflix event, where they presented a video that gave some insight into Wednesday Season 2. They teased that another family member would join the show, which we think could be Cousin It, Grandma, or Pubert.

Considering the family will likely be more of a focal point of the next season, the kids at Nevermore Academy might take a backseat of sorts. Though Wednesday has become close with Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers), Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday), and her enemy Tyler Palpin/Hyde (Hunter Doohan), she doesn’t need to deal with many more Nevermore students.

Wednesday (Jenna Ortega), Mortitia (Catherine Zeta-Jones), and Gomez Addams (Luis Guzman) on the poster for the Netflix series Wednesday
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Xavier Thorpe turned out not to be Wednesday’s love interest after all, and with Percy Hynes White facing these allegations, Netflix might have made the easy decision to cut the actor out of the future season.

What do you think of Percy Hynes White being cut from Wednesday? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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