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Roger Rabbit statue outside Pop Century

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  1. Kimberly Carlton

    In January of 2022 we were evacuated from the same building at about 4:30 for fire alarms. We had come back during the afternoon to take. A nap and the alarm had gone off and we looked and there was nothing so we took our nap. Went to our dinner reservation came back and was relaxing went to sleep and was woken up by the alarms at 4:30 am. We were evacuated and were able to go back into our rooms about 5:30. It was ok because we were getting ready to leave to catch our plane to come back to TX. But they should never put 2 handicap people on the 4th floor. It’s just way to hard to manage the steps!

  2. AH

    We were evacuated from DAK Lodge about 2 weeks ago at 1am. We were outside by the pool for quite awhile before we ever saw a cast member and it was to tell us we could go back in. This was probably about 15+ minutes after the alarm stopped. We really had no information.

  3. John

    It’s crazy people have to be compensated for an alarm. Okay perish by fire instead. 🤣

  4. Jean

    My daughter, granddaughter and I were awakened by an alarm at around 2 or 3am at Pop Century a few years ago. Everyone just stood outside their rooms. Turned out some kid pulled the fire alarm. They gave my daughter a $50 credit that morning.

  5. David Read

    Absolutely outrageous to expect “compensation “ for an emergency alarm that is there for your safety. The sense of entitlement is outrageous.

    Go back to bed snd be happy you’re at a place where safety is taken seriously.

    Only in America wher people expect to be compensated.

  6. Chris

    Terror? People running to the front desk? That video showed 5 people standing outside.
    What a bunch of crappy writing

  7. Christina Santana

    I was in room 6219 when it happened and heard the whole thing! At 3:15 am I was woken up by a man screaming for help! He kept saying “ oh my f’ing god someone help me!!!” Over and over agsin! I was paralyzed with fear I was sleeping in a bed next to my 4 & 6 year old. Luckily they did not wake up until the alarms went off. Just 5 minutes after the yelling woke me up ( I thought it was the room above) the fire alarm starting blaring. Someone pulled the fire alarm. I believe it was another guest that also heard the cries for help. It was the room under mine on the 1st floor apparently it was something domestic. From the sounds of his voice I believe he was on drugs and was having a bad trip but ofcourse no security would say anything. That family did get kicked out that night from the hotel. My husband stayed up until 6 am because the were fixing the fire alarm glass that had been broken and he saw a woman from that room pack up their belongings and leave.

  8. Yeah I was there. Me my wife and kids and other members of the family. 3:30 and we were all sitting on the sidewalk. I have a short video of this occurrence

  9. Aa

    How is this considered news??? Safety alarm malfunctions at hotel, everyone goes back to bed. Um yeah….

  10. CKennedy

    In my experience with responsibility for overnight alarms at both a large hospital and a large 1500 person residential facility, alarms often are triggered by youth on dares, electrical fuses blowing, rain triggering in parking garages, etc. Hopefully, this was something benign as well.

  11. JP

    These things happen all the time at hotels across the country for a myriad of reasons. For those that heeded the alarms and left their rooms, good job. In my 30+ years in the American fire service, many do not evacuate and make things difficult.

  12. Valerie

    It just sounds like maybe kids were playing with the alarms.
    People writing these stories needs to tone it down a bit.
    Disney does everything humanly possible to keep guests safe & anyone complaining about the alarm should be glad that it works.

  13. John Gordon

    We were awaken at Planet Hollywood in Vegas at 4 in the morning but were told through the PA system to stay in our rooms while the whole time the alarm system went off intermittently every 30 seconds! We weren’t compensated either, but didn’t expect to be!
    It was a false alarm thank goodness! ☺️

  14. Christopher Keeley

    So, what exactly was the emergency?

  15. Lisa d

    Compensated?? So a potential security threat was detected and emergency crews responded to what could have been a disaster and you’re complaining??

    Maybe it was some kids pulling a fire alarm. Regardless, did you NOT want emergency crews to respond?

  16. Rob

    Spending a day in the parks is exhausting for most. You sleep good. Common courtesy to let ppl know why they were woken up.

  17. Dice head

    I farted once and it cleared the whole foor of the grand hotel in California

  18. Steve

    Not good

  19. Bsnsn

    Is this really what you consider “news”? Lmao this just cringe and sad lol

  20. Ema

    We were evacuated at disneylands, grand Californian one time. Early Am and ended up in theme park! They handled it well and we got back to our rooms just fine!

  21. Kevin Yancey

    I’ve only ever stayed at Port Orleans Riverside and AOA Studios, on property. Both of which went smoothly, except for my wristband. I had to have a second one issued to get into my room. After that one cracked open, I was able to register my original wristband to my account.

  22. Mike Wellock

    Why have my two attempts to comment on this been erased ?

  23. Maria

    You are seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel if a fire alarm going off warrants an entire story. “Reporting” on this site keeps getting worse and worse.

  24. Alexis

    This isn’t even bad, I was at a hotel who intentionally set the fire alarms off at 4 in the morning for a fire drill 😭 took around an hour to get back inside… for a fire DRILL

  25. Alexis

    This isn’t even bad, I was once awoken at 4am because they intentionally set the fire alarms to go off for a drill, we didn’t get back inside for an hour … just for a fire DRILL

  26. Candice

    This is news? I thought there would be some terrible thing but it was nothing. Guess what alarms go off all the time in lots of buildings even at my kids schools. No one gets compensated lol

  27. BTW

    Compensated for a fire alarm? So when my fire alarm goes off in my complex do I demand compansatikn from my land lord? Sure it’s an inconvenience, someone was probably smoking in a room or pulled the alarm. Or possibly an electrical short. Things happen. Asking for immediate compensation is embarrassing.

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