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Rachel Zegler pretending to be Snow White in front of a poster of the classic animated princess

Credit: Rachel Zegler via Twitter


  1. HansM742

    Weird! Weird!

    1. DJ

      The fact ppl defend her is sad she disrespected Adriana multiple times It’s pathetic the fact that Jenna Ortega & the government is involved makes this whole thing embarrassing for Rachel & Disney 😂

  2. Jesse Lopez

    Another Disney flop!

  3. Richard Moller

    They have changed and ruined everything about this awesome Disney classic. I bet Walt has been rolling over in his grave so often due to all of the terrible and greedy changes as of late that there is nothing but dust left in his casket anymore.

  4. Frank

    She is great for ruining a show. Hope Disney is happy. Another bust of a show

    1. Keith

      Nope!! No Happy, or the 6 other Dwarves.

  5. Keith

    Ruin the story, so a few hundred people feel good. But Millions DESPISE the attempted story hijacking and its Collaborators. Just WHO is Zelger? And why should we care about her DELUDED message?? Other than to condemn it and her.

  6. Cat

    Will not take my kids to watch this wokeness

  7. I think safest action is to cancel whole project including 2024 movie, learning the lesson, moving forward.

  8. David Morris

    This movie already sucks. It is a disgrace and this “lead” is a disrespectful pathetic actress who will never be remembered. Disney is dying with ever new subpar production.

  9. jG

    Already calling it a cinematic masterpiece?? Easy there, jumping the gun maube

  10. Jason

    Kinda think she thinks she’s cuter and more popular, maybe a cultural icon or movement maker, than she is.

    Dime a dozen, darling. You got a golden ticket. Wiping your backside with said ticket.. guessing we won’t see you in an In Memoriom clip 40 or 50 years from now.

  11. Jeff

    Dump it!

  12. Andy

    Sounds creepy!

  13. Mike

    My family and I will NOT see the movie. Disney studios should have left it alone.

  14. J.P.

    If l represent only 13% of the Entire U.S. population, what are the odds that 13% will buy movie tickets for this?
    Time to stop agendaism.

  15. Debby

    I don’t care about Ziegler or her comments

  16. Cristobal Blanco

    Omg is this actually intimidated by Snowwhite? I mean Snowwhite was supposed to be killed by the evil queen because of her beauty. I mean people actually went out of their way to help her servive. Nobody and I mean nobody would help the live action actress to servive anything. Infact most would let her die right away.

  17. CosmicMate

    Can’t wait to see this crash and burn at the box office. The whining of insufferable Zegler after the flop will be hilarious!

  18. Mickey

    2 things. 1) I hope this is true. Rachal is a untalented brat that hates the original Disney Snow White. So screw her. They should have dumped her a long time ago. 2) Ed Aguilar, your article was leftist trash. There was no racist hate for the black Arial. The hate comes from Disney changing the character. There would have been the same reaction has she been asian or latin. Disney has built a brand around Disney Princesses. So why are they no race changing all of them. If another studio wants to make their version of the character a minority, then good for them. They have no history with the character. The point is, Disney stop race changing iconic characters.

  19. stoogel

    Snow Brown and the Carefully Selected Band of Diverse Humans of Varying Statures, Ethnicities, and Genders

  20. RickTR

    Is her doll going to be compensated for wearing the costume?

  21. CactusHeart

    How is this modeled after Rachel Zegler? Her eyes need to be further apart.

    And welp, Zegler announced her SW casting as saying she wouldn’t bleach her skin. But it seems Mattel has already gone ahead…🤭

  22. Mark Stace

    SnowWhite and the seven Dwarfs has always been my favorite Disney film . Since I was a child in the 1970s I’m appalled at how Rachael Zegler has been slagging off the movie. It’s a timeless film and if it had to be redone. They should keep the dwarfs as they are central to the films appeal. I shudder to think about the Evil Queen dancing at all . She is icy and can cut you to ribbons in a wry cold whisper. No Prince ? Good grief . And Zegler saying he was a stalker in the original film ? She’s Weird Weird . And unsuitable for the role of Disneys first and in my opinion best princess. So No I won’t be supporting this film . And am so disappointed that you’re not being faithful to the original movie . It’s a period film . Did they change Cinderella live action . No ! That’s why it was a massive success.

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