James Gunn’s DCU Will Correct the Most Confusing MCU Issue

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James Gunn is out to ensure that his DCU will not be anything close to what the MCU is, which is good. He has worked extensively within the MCU and has likely learned what elements of the media company cause unnecessary issues. One of the biggest and most confusing MCU issues will be eliminated immediately.

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Gunn has a tall task ahead of him, as DC fans have grown tired of how the franchise has moved over the past ten years. Where once Zack Snyder became the de facto leader of DC, it has since soured. Snyder was only a filmmaker, but his core plan was central to creating the DCEU (Snyderverse), making him the central figure that fans constantly attacked.

Since Snyder’s Snyderverse began to fizzle out, Dwayne Johnson attempted his own DC takeover with Black Adam (2022), which was short-lived. He came into the picture right when leadership was changing, leading to James Gunn being hired as the new CEO along with Peter Safran.

So far, Safran and Gunn have concocted a plan to release a grand universe meant to convey stories that span movies, TV shows, and video games. Gunn has been adamant about ensuring that his new era of DC would not flounder or produce any kind of confusion for fans who desperately want continuity.

Though the MCU has become the staple for the superhero genre, it isn’t without its issues. One of its most glaring is the confusing timeline, which James Gunn plans not to allow in his DCU.

James Gunn Hired a Team to Keep the DCU Timeline On Point

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James Gunn is always very vocal on social media, especially when engaging with fans. While speaking on Threads, the Meta version of Twitter. Gunn revealed that he hired a team to ensure the DCU timeline would make sense for all parties concerned. According to Gunn, the group comprises himself and other DC Studio heads. According to Gunn, “Me and the rest of the team (Chantal, Galen, Jess, etc.)!”

He refers to Chantal Nong and Galen Vaisman, who work for the DC Studios team. At least Gunn has the foresight to ensure that the timeline the DCU will work with can make sense. Gunn also commented that the MCU might never have had a timeline team. He referred to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 and how he was already messing with time a bit too much by Peter’s grandfather being alive. Gunn added:

“If that’s a position at Marvel I do not know who that person is (I’ve never discussed anything with them). But I guess that’s why I think ‘Vol 3’ is now and everyone keeps saying 2030 or something 👀 (I ALREADY thought I was pushing the limits of Grandpa still being alive!).”

MCU fans have long been confused about where the timeline sits in relation to our real-world timeframe. Marvel said that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 took place in 2023, though fans quickly pointed out via the confusing timeline that it happened more closely to 2026.

One of the biggest timeline issues also happened with Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), when it indicated that eight years had passed since the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016). This confused fans, with some immediately beginning to chastize Marvel for confusing its timeline.

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Thankfully, it appears that James Gunn will ensure the timeline for the DCU will not be hopelessly complicated. He also revealed that a world map of sorts was also being created to ensure that areas of the DCU would be more precise. Hopefully, the teams in charge of tracking the lore for DC will be on top of their game, as we know Marvel certainly has not.

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