It’s Official, DC Says This Superman Trivia Is a Lie

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Christopher Reeves Superman turning in Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor

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To the shock of many Superman trivia fans, DC Comics went on record saying that one particular tidbit is actually a lie.

Superman holds Lois Lane
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Superman Trivia Disputed by DC

A story that spans generations, Superman trivia ranges from action comics to television to the big screen. From the glasses-wearing Clark Kent with his ties to Lois Lane, paramour to the Man of Steel, this DC Comic icon goes by many names.

From casual references in Batman v. Superman to the words of Lex Luthor, the superhero gets called many things. Yet only one was officially proven false in a DC Comic statement.

Superman and Jon Kent fighting aliens
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Superman Comic Book Truths: “What’s In a Name?”

As it turns out, the name matters quite a bit when it comes to a Superman quiz. Trivia questions leave little room for error, and DC Comics declared that ‘Last Son of Krypton’ is a lie. Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor #1 is the episode with the most references to the name.

But it’s the reasons for clarifying the name of Clark Joseph Kent, aka Superman, that matter. The fact that the Man of Steel is not the only child of Planet Krypton is not valid, as Lex Luther pointed out during the installment. And because the comic and cinematic Superman interconnect, these distinctions matter to the Superman legacy.

Superman and Lois watching their son play
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Superman TV Series and Movies: Trivia to Use

The franchise came out in 1940, spearheaded by Ray Middleton at the New York World’s Fair. Fleischer Studios made the original Superman short. It moved through cartoons and live actions, with Christopher Reeve being the iconic Superman, appearing everywhere from Superman III to a cameo in The Flash. 

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TV Show Superman Trivia

Superman, the TV series Smallville made an impact, and the popularity carried to the Supergirl television show. This is on top of big-screen features from Henry Cavill as the titular character in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Actors and Fan Art: Random Superman Trivia

There’s a lively community of fan art enthusiasts with diverse takes on the Superman story. The upcoming installment includes Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern, Edi Gathegi as Mister Terrific, and Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl. According to Vanity Fair, the James Gunn feature is slated for shooting in January 2024 and “sets the course” for the new DCU.

Superman flying
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DC Universe Connects Comics Through DC Studios

Yet the comic remains the proverbial rosebud of the entire Superman concept. And now the world knows that DC Comics acknowledges that the ‘Last Son of Krypton’ is a lie. It’s important because the DCEU is meant to tie together, and any comic or new Superman movie would have to reflect that.

With an upcoming Superman: Legacy feature, directed by James Gunn and featuring David Corenswet, slated for 2025, the production is under more scrutiny. There has been substantial turnover within the DC Studios acting community, and fans rely on the DC Extended Universe for cohesion.

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