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Left: Cinderella Castle on Main Street at Magic Kingdom with no guests. Right: A blurred version of an Ariel Disney World snack.

Credit: Disney / @forhteloveofthemeparks


  1. Caroline RN

    Nope! move along nothing to see here.
    How about clean thoughts. ♥️

  2. Heidi

    Maybe everyone should use their brains and actually grow up. If the ones who go to Disney actually have seen the movies then they should be mature enough to see she is sitting on a rock…….get you sick minds out of the gutter and stop trying to ruin Disney for children. Do you really believe that it is appropriate to go around saying that this looks like she is on the toilet…what would happen if a child heard someone say that? FYI….I don’t think a mermaid would even use a toilet. DUH!!!!!!

    1. JadeVR

      Thank you for being a voce of reason here as well. Seriously, people there days have the maturity of a bagel.

  3. Jim

    I mean, it was only fitting. The movie itself was Disney taking a massive dump on their own IP. Art reflecting life.

  4. JadeVR

    I freaking hate the unbelievably triggered minds of people nowadays. Seriously, does society really feel they need to ruin every single thing they see? How old are these people that started this mocking? Honestly, some people need to grow up and stop acting like overgrown children.

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