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From L-R: Jessie, Woody, Bullseye, and Buzz in 'Toy Story 2'

Credit: Disney / Pixar


  1. Laura

    All of this is completely speculative, but bringing Andy back (or perhaps Andy’s child) does not automatically make the last two movies irrelevant (although there is the issue of getting Woody back with the rest of the toys after #4s ending). It could easily be accomplished by Bonnie having grown up and returns Andy’s toys to him now that Andy has a child, with grateful thanks to him for sharinf with her. That would actually make me happy!

  2. Jdb1984

    Who said that they’re scraping the storyline of 3 and 4? It could be a midquel. Having The Little Mermaid 3 go back to before the first movie didn’t invalidate the first two movies.

  3. Lindy

    Why don’t they give the fans what they want??
    Fans+happiness=success = money + jobs it’s not rocket science. Stop the woke, politically correct nonsense! Cater to your fans, your base. To those that have made you successful.

  4. Jacob Allen

    We need a good story for “Toy Story “, especially one with some abandoned ideas

  5. Jess

    Thank goodness, Disney needs to stop butchering the masterpiece that Pixar made. The fourth TS is horrible, I’ve only seen it once, it’s the only one of the series that I have no desire to rewatch.

  6. thatanimeguy2023

    Honestly, they should have stopped at Toy Story 3.. It was the perfect ending to the series. We didn’t need to know about the toy’s adventures with a new kid or woke bo pee.. and with 4 already terrible, I can’t imagine what they’ll do with yet another unwanted sequel

  7. Valkyrie

    GOOD! The last Toy Story seemed redundant and unnecessary. On top of that, if they are going to make a Toy Story 5. Then what was the point of Andy handing over his toys to Bonnie? Especially if Andy is going to give the toys to his son’s or daughter’s. I have tried to understand and comprehend what they could possibly do in Toy Story 5 and I cannot logically come to a conclusion about what the plot would have been. I’m just glad that they decided to leave the amazing franchise as the Toy Story we know and love. Toy Story 4 was not needed and frankly it is the worst of the Toy Story.

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