“All Star” Singer and DreamWorks ‘Shrek’ Icon Dies

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Credit: Rolling Stone

In a tragic turn of events, the iconic singer of 1999’s hit “All Star,” Steve Harwell has passed away at the age of 56.

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Reports Show Steve Harwell, “All Star” Singer Has Died

According to the New York Times report, Steve Harwell, once lead singer of the band “Smash Mouth” passed away on September 4, 2023. He died in his home in Boise, Idaho. The band manager, Robert Hayes, confirmed the cause of death as liver failure.

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Steve Harwell is best known for his participation in the band “Smash Mouth.” He was among the founding members when the pop-punk music group hit the scene in 1994 out of San Jose, California.

It rose to fame with songs like “Walkin’ on the Sun,” from the “Smash Mouth” debut album “Fush Yu Mang.” This was alongside Kevin Coleman on drum, Greg Camp on guitar, and bassist Paul De Lisle.

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Steve Harwell Had a Positive Energy

In 2019, Harwell had an interview with Rolling Stone where he noted that the music was special because it was “Different and unusual.” The musical icon went on to say that you “just can’t copy us” because of the clever lyrics and spirit of music that’s captured the hearts of countless generations.

After “Astro Lounge” launched in 1999, the song “All Star” unforgettably entered the collective zeitgeist. Sweeping the United States, the rock band Smash Mouth grew in popularity to become iconic of an entire movement, before, during, and after Shrek.

Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell became the face of success, and according to @smashmouth, “Steve Harwell was a true American Original (…)”

Shrek Brought “Smash Mouth” Into Pop Culture

According to the late artist, Harwell didn’t expect the “Smash Mouth” song to be such a success. Yet appearing at the beginning of Shrek by DreamWorks made a world of difference.

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Even 25 years later, when no one is watching Shrek on VHS, “All Star” has over a billion Spotify streams. This goes alongside the band’s cover of “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees and the hundreds of millions of listens, according to the latest news.

Cost of the Career

That pop stardom came with a price; the surreal life leading Harwell to leave the band in 2021 after a live show in upstate New York. During the song, the singer Steve Harwell was observed slurring words and using profane language. He’d already taken a break from live performances due to heart problems and was recently given a terminal prognosis.

Steve Harwell died in his home on Monday morning, with the latest news comprising a series of fan dismay and overall condolences for the loss. Singer Steve Harwell said, “Nobody else could have sang that song.” Though the band continues, his voice will forever resonate with the chords of “All Star.”

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