Fate of Universal’s Oldest Attraction Confirmed in Major Change

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Drew Barrymore in a scene from e.t. the extra-terrestrial

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Universal Studios opened in 1990. Since then, a few rides have come and gone, but only one opening-day attraction remains. A recent update to one of its most iconic characters could have just sealed the fate of this beloved ride.

But before we jump into that rumor, let’s find out what’s been happening at the Universal Parks as Hurricane Idalia has officially made landfall and continues to move through Florida.

an aerial photo of Universal Studios Orlando Florida
Credit: Inside The Magic

Universal Studios – Hurricane Idalia and Other Updates

Hurricane Idalia strengthened into a category-four hurricane before making landfall in Florida. The storm caused Tampa International Airport to shut down indefinitely as damage is currently being assessed throughout the terminals. No official word on when the airport will open, but more information is pouring out on social media as the hurricane makes its way through Florida.

Disney World and Universal decided to do away with their fees for folks looking to modify or cancel their Universal/Disney vacation plans through the end of this storm. Guests staying onsite can change and cancel their vacation plans without paying those pesky fees that would typically deviate anyone from wanting to reschedule or cancel.

An empty Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Orlando Florida
Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort remains open as the storm enters the area. Universal put out a statement yesterday afternoon, informing guests that the parks would stay in normal operations except for eliminating early park admission for today. So far, things seem to be going smoothly for Universal inside both parks and their water park, Volcano Bay.

Aside from the hurricane, Universal has been rigid at work with the opening of Minion Land, Villain-Con Minion Blast, and the announcement and construction of the former KidZone, currently being transformed into DreamWorks land, opening in 2024.

Universal Studios - E.T. Adventure
Credit: Universal Parks News Today on Twitter

E.T. Adventure Rumors and Refurbishments

With the former KidZone now under construction, only one ride remains from the golden days of Universal Studios Florida: E.T. Adventure. The ride has withstood the test of time and is quickly becoming the most beloved and cherished attraction inside this theme park. When rumors began to circulate that the ride would be rethemed or demolished, people were outright angry and looking to get Universal’s confirmation of the fate of this attraction.

Universal tweeted something interesting not too long ago that caught the attention of many fans. The official Universal Orlando Resort Twitter account tweeted a message that said E.T. Adventure would outlive us all. This confirms that this unique and nostalgic attraction is not going anywhere anytime soon, despite rumors of a potential retheme. Instead, the ride did receive some much-needed love not too long ago. The photo above demonstrates the new outdoor exiting area that looks more like the ride’s inside instead of weird and confusing.

The almighty Botanicus at Universal Orlando’s ET Adventure got a glow up recently! Including refurbished movements and new lights!

– Orlando Amusement on Twitter

Another big sign that this ride is not going anywhere anytime soon is the recent facelift to the iconic E.T. Adventure animatronic and E.T.’s teacher, Botanicus. According to the tweet above from Orlando Amusement, the animatronic received a pretty nice “glow up” along with improved movements and new lights. This animatronic occasionally pops up as folks wait inside the queue for this attraction. Seeing this fellow get some love and attention after so long is nice.

In the E.T. Adventure ride, guests board bicycles (with baskets!) and join E.T., the friendly extraterrestrial, on a mission to save his home planet. The ride combines practical sets, animatronics, and screen-based technology to create an interactive and nostalgic experience. Riders travel through various scenes from the movie, encountering memorable characters and locations along the way.

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