Robosen Teases Starscream and Soundwave Transformers Robots

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Robot that transforms into a jet looking off into the distance on an alien world. A Robot dinosaur attacking and hist robot form standing beside him.

Photo: Robosen/Hasbro

The Robosen Grimlock Transformer robot will have the Dinobot obsessive fans running to pledge loyalty to the dinosaur who would be king.

G1 Transformers fans have long argued over who is the strongest Autobot and one name will always come up in the conversation, Grimlock. The King of the Dinobots, you probably have dreamed of owning this robot that can transform from a robot into a dinosaur. Well, your dream is about to come true with the Flagship Grimlock G1 auto-converting Transformer from Robosen and Hasbro that can do everything you ever wanted, except ride him. Grimlock would never consent to anyone riding him, Michael Bay.

We traveled to Comic-Con to play with, um, test… yeah, test the new King of all Transformers and talked to the folks at Robosen about what comes next.

A robot dinosaur auto converts from dinosaur to robot.
“I can’t even get off the floor that fast.” – Brian Walton, Video: Brian Walton Click the gif to get a complete run down of the auto-converting figure.

Grimlock G1 is not just a toy but a masterpiece of engineering and design. It is a 14-inch tall robot that can transform from a fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex to an influential Autobot leader in seconds, with over 100 sound effects and voice lines from the original animated series. It can also walk, run, roar, bite, swing its tail, fire its blaster, and perform various poses and actions using its 27 servo motors and 45 custom microchips.

The Decepticons are “ready for their turn.” Starscream and Soundwave are on the horizon…

But that’s not all. Grimlock G1 is also an innovative and interactive robot that can respond to your voice commands, gestures, and touch. You can control it using an app on your smartphone or tablet or use the included remote control. You can also program it to perform custom sequences of moves using the app’s drag-and-drop interface or by manually posing the robot. You can even pair it with other Robosen Transformers robots like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to create your own mini theater experience.

“I never miss a beat, I’m lightning on my feet, and that’s what they don’t see. That’s what they don’t see!” – Taylor Swift. Click the image to get all the details on the figure. Video: Brian Walton

Grimlock G1 is unlike any other Transformers robot you have ever seen. It is faithful to the original character design and personality but also incorporates modern technology and features to make it more realistic and fun. It is made of high-quality materials and has stunning detail and accuracy. It is also durable and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about breaking it while playing with it.

If you want to get your hands on this unique robot, you can preorder it from Best Buy. It is a limited edition product, so don’t miss this opportunity to own one of the most advanced and excellent Transformers robots ever.

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We asked the folks at Robosen what was in the pipeline, and the engineers operating the booth said the Decepticons are “ready for their turn.” Starscream and Soundwave are on the horizon, though an exact timeline is still unknown. They also admitted that fan reaction to the Bumblebee performance robot was “disappointing” to many fans, though now that the price has come down to around $399 for the figure, it’s a better value.

Robosen heard the community loud and clear. When it comes to the baseline of non-basic Transformers, fans want them actually to transform. Can you imagine Jetfire (old Robotech mold) becoming a living mech? The only character we can imagine an exception would be made for is G1 Megatron, as it may be tricky convincing Hasbro to help create a robot that can turn itself into a gun.

As for what kind of tech is being added, a Robosen representative said they were working on using biometrics and empathetic algorithms for the robots to recognize repeated pattern behaviors and adapt accordingly, like when the owner wakes up, the robot becomes active on its own… not like M3gan at all.

What is the Rise of the Beasts edition Optimus?

An alien robot opens it's chest to reveal a sparkling gem surrounded by circuits and wires.
“You got the touch, you got the power!” – Marky Mark, Click on the Matric of Leadership to get a better look at this state of the art semi. Photo: Robosen/Hasbro

The Rise of the Beasts Signature Series Edition Optimus is another Transformers robot from Robosen that is based on the movie version of Optimus Prime from Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. The Rise of the Beasts edition Optimus is a 9.3-inch tall robot with lots of articulation powered by servos, but it cannot transform into a truck. It is more like an action figure upgraded with robotic capabilities.

The Rise of the Beasts edition Optimus can be controlled and programmed using a mobile app or a remote control. You can also open its windshield in robot mode to reveal the Matrix of Leadership inside. It’s a nice little bonus to make up for not fully transforming. It also features exclusive dialogue crafted with Peter Cullen, the original voice actor of Optimus Prime, throughout the franchise’s run. The Rise of the Beasts edition Optimus is a limited edition product available for preorder now on Amazon.

In the Rise of the Beasts edition, Optimus is an excellent and realistic robot faithful to the character’s appearance in the upcoming film. It is a collector’s item that will appeal to the Transformers movie series fans. However, it is not as advanced or awesome as Grimlock G1, which can transform from a dinosaur to an Autobot leader in seconds, walk, run, roar, bite, swing its tail, fire its blaster, and perform various poses and actions using its 27 servo motors and 45 custom microchips.

Grimlock G1 is more than meets the eye. It is the ultimate Transformers robot that does everything you ever wanted and transforms, unlike the Bumblebee robot, which can only dance, kick, and pick itself up from a fall but cannot transform at all. Grimlock G1 is the robot you deserve. Say it with us, “Me Grimlock king!”

You can pre-order the Robosen – Transformers Grimlock Flagship Collector’s Edition Auto-converting Robot with Collector’s Coin at Robosen’s websiteBest Buy, and Amazon (the pre-sale landing page is live, though the item isn’t). You can get the performance robot Bumblebee and the Signature Series Rise of the Beasts Optimus Prime on Amazon.

Excited for the potential Starscream or Soundwave auto-converting robots? Let us know who else you want to see Robosen tackle in the comments below.


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