Florida Airport Resumes Operation, Shut Down Led To Extensive Flooding

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To the left: Mickey Mouse and the gang on Main Street U.S.A. To the right: An airplane prepares to take off from Tampa International Airport

Credit: Inside The Magic / Tampa International Airport

A prominent Florida airport has finally reopened, and guests looking to fly in and out of this location can now do so, whether they’re flying back home from Disney World or to the Resort to resume their vacation plans.

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Credit: Inside The Magic / Walt Disney World Resort

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Tampa International Airport Shuts Down Before Hurricane Idalia Made Landfall – Disney World Reacts

Two days ago, Tampa International Airport, a crucial destination for Disney World guests coming to and from the parks, closed down and ceased all operations as Hurricane Idalia closed in on Florida. Besides Orlando International Airport, TPA is the next place where most Disney guests fly in and out of their WDW vacations throughout the year.

NBC News reported that although there was no significant damage to the airport, there was extensive flooding throughout the terminals following the storm passing through Tampa yesterday morning.

An airplane inside of the Tampa International Airport terminal preparing for departure
Credit: Tampa International Airport

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TPA Resumes All Operations for Disney World Guests

Yesterday afternoon, it was announced that the airport had successfully reopened after the flooding was dealt with from Hurricane Idalia throughout the terminals. With Tampa International Airport open now, WDW guests can resume their Disney vacation planning.

WHEELS DOWN! The first passenger flight just arrived at TPA post-closure. As a reminder, we are open only to arriving flights today and reopening fully tomorrow at 3 AM. Please check with your airline for the latest flight updates

It’s important to remember that as the airport continues to resume normal operations, anyone flying in or out of this location from or to Walt Disney World Resort should check their flight status periodically to assess their timeframe for departure or arrival properly.

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The airport is still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia, which means flights might still be delayed for specific airlines. Checking the TPA website and refreshing the app might assist in determining if your flight is on time or delayed as you make your to Florida to begin or end your Disney vacation. The Tampa International Airport is now open.

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