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Rachel Zegler covered in rainbow lights

Credit: Rachel Zegler via Twitter


  1. Common Sense

    No one owes her anything, in fact, she owes us, the public, and the people that love and cherish Snow White, and have daughters who grew up loving the character, a HUGE apology.
    Zegler’s actions, her words and her attitude are not just un-Disney, they are unprofessional, uncaring, entitles and frankly, arrogant and egotistical.
    This film is going to bomb, and bomb hard core.

  2. Kahloon

    When Aladdin actor Mena Massoud commented about Little Mermaid box office and then criticised by internet woke group, I didn’t see you jumping out to defend him being “just trying to give his opinion”. Woke people like you are just hypocrite and double standard, and why doesn’t that surprise me.

  3. Rachel Deserved It.

    Beyond glad this miserable excuse of an actress got canned. Fight back against this woke, poisonous culture.

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