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  1. Dcmann

    You can insult all you want, but Zach is right on the general frustration and lack of positive interest in this movie. He’s detailed it well. Now Disney is left to decide if canceling or letting it bomb in the theaters is the best option.

  2. rudeog95

    Don’t cancel the remake.there’s no problem if it changed to a chon,or little people

  3. Andrew

    The people who support this film best need to actually go and watch it

  4. B

    Hopefully they will pull it. What a farce of a remake.

  5. Marilyn Terrill

    Go woke. Go broke. Maybe these power hungry lib elites will finally lose enough money.

    1. Eliza

      I agree 💯

  6. Jimmy

    TaKe YoUr InCeL oPiNiOns bAcK to 4ChAn

    Do you hear yourself?

  7. Connie

    Disney should be ashamed of what it has become. It is not the wholesome family business it use to be. It’s creepy and full of radical sick minded individuals who try to make other’s do and think how they do or else. Makes me want to vomit. Keep traditions. If you want to make new thing make something new. Stop acting like it’s your masterpiece when you copy then ruin it.

    1. Eliza

      Exactly 💯

    2. Susan


  8. Please keep the pressure on. Disney used to be the safe haven for families. Now it’s just a soap box for employee agendas. They used to make a ton of money keeping families entertained, but I guess the shareholders don’t have families.

  9. Cheryl C

    I just can’t see Disney spending millions upon millions on PR for this movie. Send it straight to streaming and cut your losses.

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