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  1. Anthony Jenkins

    What about the Switch port?

    1. ???

      You said some films have reaffirmed that methodology this year and you mentioned Star Wars and Barbie. Well let’s see…Barbie isn’t based on a book, video game, or novel. It’s not a sequel or a remake, so…what are you talking about??? The other movie you mentioned affirming that methodology this year was Star Wars. Buddy, there hasn’t been a Star Wars movie in six years! Again, what on earth are you talking about??? You can’t just type words on a computer and pretend they make sense.

  2. Anthony Leong

    No. No. And triple NO! How many reboots and remakes will they need to realize that ORIGINAL was BEST?! They should just leave the franchise alone as it is. The ORIGINAL Robocop will never be topped because it was fearless, gritty, intense and didn’t pull punches and Paul Verhoven created a timeless classic in his Director’s Cut version that will not ever be bested by modern Hollywood who can’t even understand the soul of their sources. Those who are actually excited about this remake are shamelessly insane for believing the hype. It will be made as crappy PG-13 and ruin the whole concept of Robocop which depicts the cruelty of the real world. Leave it alone already.

    1. Daniel Jones

      Someone is having a major tantrum, sounds like a big baby.

    2. Randomthoughts

      You do know it’s a video game right

    3. Paul Dennis

      You do realize that this is a video game right? Not a remake and definitely not PG-13. That already happened almost 10 years ago. Lol 😆… And by the looks of it, it’s using the likenesses of the original actors 🤣… and looks very violent as well 😅… Read Much?

  3. Daniel Jones

    Movie came out in 87 not 88

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