Mickey’s Halloween Party Canceled? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Pumpkins with carvings looking directly at a hurricane with Magic Kingdom in the background

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With a potential hurricane or tropical storm on the horizon for Central Florida in the coming days, a lot of folks are asking the same thing: What do I do about my ticket to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party if a storm hits on the day I’m supposed to be there? Will the event be canceled entirely, or will the show continue without certain events and experiences? Here’s what you need to know.

Fireworks during the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party event at Disney's Magic Kingdom park
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Possible Storm Heading Towards Florida, Disney World in the Coming Days

A disturbance in the ocean will be forming into a tropical storm in the coming days, and a hurricane that could impact Florida and Disney World. The storm’s expected to roll in next week, but we’re still waiting for details to nail down the timing. Right now, it’s just a tropical disturbance, nothing too serious. But they’re saying there’s a 70% chance it could turn into a tropical storm that might have its eyes set on Florida.

A photo of a tropical disturbance that could form into a hurricane and impact portions of Florida next week
Credit: National Hurricane Center

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According to the image above from the National Hurricane Center, the tropical disturbance heading toward Florida could bring heavy rainfall and strong winds today. But the storm could change direction and head further east, directly impacting Orlando. But nothing is certain yet, and everything should be taken cautiously as storms like this can change direction and pivot at any time. Preparing for anything and ensuring your Disney trip is covered is essential. Contact Walt Disney World Resort to understand their hurricane policies better, especially if you’re staying on the property.

But what about Mickey’s Halloween Party? Could an event like this be canceled when there’s an incoming storm like the one shown above? What should you do if this happens and you already have your tickets for the event?

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
Credit: Disney

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Could Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Be Canceled Due to a Hurricane?

Many folks are wondering the same thing you are: Would an event like MNSSHP be canceled in the event of a major hurricane or tropical storm? That answer cannot be found now because nothing has happened yet. It’s too soon to tell whether this storm will directly impact Walt Disney World Resort. But Reddit is where people congregate and share their questions to get an answer that would help in a scenario like the one mentioned above.

Tropical Storm possibly hitting next week
by u/Alkohal in WaltDisneyWorld

u/Alkohal on the r/WaltDisneyWorld subreddit asked the following question:

I saw earlier that there’s an expectation of a tropical storm or cat 1 hurricane possibly hitting Florida next Tuesday/Wednesday. I’m currently scheduled for MNSSHP next Tuesday just wondering what options I have if the storm hits during the party, do they usually offer refunds for something like this? Honestly I’m overall concerned with the whole situation as I’m flying down Sunday and wondering If I should try and cancel.

So far, the comment section has come to the rescue, with over 60 responses. Some of the most helpful responses have been the following:

I went last year when a Hurricane hit the night I attended. Most elements were cancelled due to weather, but we were still able to do rides and eat.

Due to the limited options for the event they gave us each a comp ticket good for a year to use at any time we want. I’m sure if something happens you can ask about potentially being able to go to the event at another point or refund, if that is an option you’d want. But you’ll at least get a comp ticket for each ticket you have for the event.

– BrightBeardCreations

Another response goes as follows:

We will be there that week too. I used to live in Florida. Most people don’t really panic until a storm becomes a Cat 3 hurricane. I’m not saying a tropical storm or small hurricane can’t do a lot of damage. I’m just saying most of the time with tropical storms you just get lots of rain. The National Hurricane center says it is likely to develop into a tropical depression over the weekend or by early next week. A tropical depression is one below a tropical storm. The graph shows it hitting on the opposite side of the coast from Orlando and in the panhandle by this time next week. It could shift. It could intensify, but at this point I don’t necessarily expect it will. The weather around Disney specifically is calling for scattered thunderstorms all week. That wouldn’t be the case if they were expecting a hurricane to hit Orlando. We still plan to go and make the most of our time there.

And be careful where you get your weather information. I stay away from the weather channel altogether because they actively root for storms to hit the US. I kid you not, I was watching a few years ago before all the hurricanes were coming to Florida and the weather person said “it’s been several years since one has landed in Florida. We might get lucky and see this one come to Florida. Or it might just hit somewhere less populated.” I was one of the people living in Florida in the path of the storm. I was so disgusted I turned the channel off. Weather news thrives on alarmism.

– Organic-Comment230

Both of these answers are valid; sometimes, the news channels make things more significant than they are, and sometimes the hype is real. It just comes down to the time and location of where the storm will strike if it strikes at all. But for now, always remain cautious; it’s better to be prepared for anything than not to be prepared at all.

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