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Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings hosting Jeopardy

Credit: CBS/Inside the Magic


  1. T.Grenfield

    Best news I’ve heard today!
    Great decision.

    1. Anne Calhoun

      Ken Jennings deserves this job, he’s put in the work for it, and is so much better than anyone else. I hope he gets the permanent position, and have hoped this for a long time. No one else has been as good.

      1. Yea…Ken was meantbfor this job !!! Love him.

      2. Ken jenning vas been faithful to jeopardy for a long time. Much better than Myam Bialek.

    2. Maximum is smart, educated and a lady.Just think how much of inspiration she will be to all the girls !

      1. MJS

        Sorry to hear this. I’ve been a fan for many years and am a fan of Mayim. She is quite genuine and modest. The professional players of late make the program less fun for the viewer.

      2. B

        Ken is stuck in the MUD. No sense of humor at least she brought a life and humor

        1. Ron W.

          Exactly. Ken could careless about what the contestants have to say, He is to up on himself.

      3. Kathleen Ferris

        I agree! Mayim is a wonderful example for girls. Ken is meh

    3. Ken Jennings forever host..Mayim out for good.

      1. I liked her to. I enjoyed her laugh and giggles on the specials. Ken Jennings was like Alex Trabecks little adopted son. Like he sucked up to him. I’ve seen this before. The only difference is Ken has more since then this other guy did. At least I hope so.

    4. Sad that because she is standing her ground we no longer will watch Jeopardy

      He is dry as dust and she brought it back to life.

      1. M Grobler

        I agree 100% with you.

        1. I agree with you.we will no longer watch Jepordy.we liked. her on the show.

        2. Rjay

          I like both of them. Will miss Mayim.

        3. Rose

          So happy to hear this. I don’t watch the episodes that she is in.

          1. Rhonda Matthews

            One hundred percent agree!

      2. Jo Marsh

        Totally agree!

      3. CLK

        Totally, Agree,
        Bhowell ‼️👍

      4. Nola


      5. Kat

        I completely agree. He is boring, and awkward. Mayim was a natural. He’s like the crypt keeper. I will no longer watch the show.

      6. Tammy

        I agree completely. Much rather watch her host. He’s full of himself.

      7. Lynn

        Seriously? She has no personality!

      8. Marilyn

        I agree Ken Jennings is as dry as dust…..can’t stand to listen to him

    5. J

      Proof there is a god.

      1. I liked her to. I enjoyed her laugh and giggles on the specials. Ken Jennings was like Alex Trabecks little adopted son. Like he sucked up to him. I’ve seen this before. The only difference is Ken has more since then this other guy did. At least I hope so.

        1. Nola

          Really like her, him not so much

      2. R

        Ken is to much and childish….he also loves to argue with people on social media that is so unprofessionaif that’s the kind of host you want that also hits on contestants…I will stop watching that show all together he doesn’t deserve his position

      3. Vicki

        I think they both suck!!

      4. Gwen

        I really liked Mayim, Ken really does not know how to handle smiling at the contestants. Very dry character.

    6. Jim Dwyer

      I love Mayim Bialik ! She’s extremely talented in many different fields besides just being a moderator ! Much better than Ken in my book !

      1. Vickie

        Ken Jennings is why I’ve kept watching jeopardy!! Alec T. Would be proud!

      2. Rivka Rachum

        I agree!

    7. Not good Ken is arrogant and I won’t even watch the chase because of the arrogant pat champions on there

      1. Ken


    8. Lydia Grand

      Good, she just doesn’t have the personality needed to host Jeopardy, Ken Jennings does

      1. R

        And Ken hitting on people and also attacting people ok social media he disagrees with does?

    9. Obert

      I agree 👍

      1. Heather

        Both do a great job. I enjoy watching both. No need for nasty words.

    10. Bob

      I won’t watch it. Not a good leader

    11. Karen

      She’s doing good job! Why these audiences so pathetic about everything? Because she is a female? Get over it.

      1. Shawneequa

        I haven’t watched Jeopardy since Alex Trebeck passed.

    12. Richard Wilgus

      I really liked the switch back and forth. I am going to miss Mayim

    13. Ann

      It’s about time

      1. Deb

        Mayim was an EXCELLENT host. She is personable, professional and intelligent but not arrogant. I will NOT watch the show again.

    14. BOO!!! to you!!
      She has done a good job. People like you are always bad mouthing people trying to do a good job. It’s hard to do a good job when people like you who are always so critical. How would you like that being done to you. You are probably a millennial who doesn’t care about people’s feelings.

    15. I wholeheartedly agree !!!!!

    16. Tina

      Mayim Bualik, was Wayyyyy Better, she is more of a people person, funnier, and a Better Vibe Over all

    17. Jay

      For us, worst news. We love Mayim and her style.

  2. Let Ken Jennings stay with the Jeopardy! franchise because he’s cool
    for this job. And what better way to let him stay here on the Emmy
    winning game show instead of walking away for no reason?
    But I’m glad he’s got full control of “Jeopardy!” And I’m looking forward
    to watch the Emmy winning game show in September 2023.

    1. Phyllis

      I agree I hope they keep Ken forever because I didn’t like Mayim and always turned it off when she was on. Thank you.

    2. Carol

      Bring back Mayim, she does a great job as host

    3. Ellie

      Great news. I will start watching more often now. 🤗

    4. Bev

      Are you kidding me! Can’t stand it when Ken hosts. That lisp! I can’t understand him. It’s so distracting. By the time I figure out what he says, the question is already answered. She is so clear and concise. Love her!

      1. Anne

        I agree! She has it all over him! He had NO personality.

      2. Jane

        You must be on drugs

    5. Sandy

      I think she does a fine job of hosting Jeopardy. I would welcome her coming back to her hosting. I like both her and Ken Jennings.

      1. Richard Wilgus

        Ken seems so derogatory to contestants sometimes. Bring Mayim back, she does a good job.

        1. Reba

          I’m done with Jeopardy!!! You guys can have that scab.

      2. Angela

        Ken was Alex’s choice. He is the champion.Mayin is constantly correcting. Aside from being a celebraty, not a Jeopchamp..give those who have worked hard a chance.
        Ken has dry wit and respects contestants. Let it be.

    6. Stephen Politzer

      We watch when Ken Jennings is hosting and tune out when Mayim Bialik hosts. Just don’t like her style – or lack of.

    7. E Moore

      I GREE.
      HE S A BEST!!!

    8. Kitty

      Ken Jennings – yay!
      Mayim Bialek – nay!

    9. Sallie Kelly Kelly


    10. Molly


    11. It is about time. Ken Jennings out performs Miame Balick. We don’t watch when she is hosting.

      1. Joanne

        Well I don’t watch much when Ken does it, so there you go!!

  3. Niny97

    No! Yeah to Ken welcome back to our tv watching schedule. We missed you!

    1. I love them both. They each have their own style, but Alex is a hard act to follow. I like to see them sharing the hosting job.


        Well I returned to watching my favorite show again when Ken came back as host


      Sad women have no chance in this country anymore.

    3. Tiffini Ragsdale Treadway

      I am soooo glad he has full control. That is the way it should have been the whole time.

    4. Deja

      Finally! She’s great at acting, but not as acting as a game show host. Yay Ken!

    5. Mar

      Love Mayim. Sorry to hear she’s going. She brought some life to the show. Let’s not forget that both Mayim and Ken have made mistakes. Game not the same without Alex

  4. Dot Speciale

    I love Ken. I hate to watch when she is hosting.

    1. Swede

      Jennings has thousands of skeletons in his closet. Hopefully Fibber McGee doesn’t open it.

    2. Casey

      Yea…Ken was meantbfor this job !!! Love him.

    3. Corinne

      So happy Ken will be permanent host.

    4. MEB

      Good move!

    5. Joelle

      Sooooo glad Ken back! He is the only host who should be there. After all Alex picked him as his replacement. I don’t like to watch when Mayim is hosting. She just doesn’t fit. Takes waaay to long to answer right or wrong after contestants answer. Often seems unsure if questions not to mention laughs at everything. Ugh! Ken please the one and only host.

    6. Ken is wonderful with more personality, for someone to walk away she had no respect for the show. She needs to stay away.

    7. Great, and awesome! I did not watch when she was hosting. She appeared to be acting; not professional.

    8. Cj

      Keep Mayim. She is much more entertaining. Ken is monotone and boring.

    9. Sherry

      Keep Ken full time! We don’t watch when she is on. Can’t stand her.

  5. Doris

    So happy to hear this. She’s so fake and seems uncomfortable. Ken is a natural. I didn’t watch when she was on but then I missed the show. This is good news indeed!!!

    1. Samuel Bachman

      I sure hope Mayim Bialik comes back to Jeopardy eventually.

    2. Laura C.

      Hooray! Much prefer Ken. 👍

    3. Richard Ziegler

      We watch most evenings. Did think show took alot of messing around with replacement. Myriam was fine just new people to get used too.

    4. Rose

      I thought she did a way better job , I do not think ken Jennings is good I don’t watch when he is on

    5. Beverly

      I like Mayim, but she walked off the job. The game shows aren’t part of the striking unions, so she should be working.

    6. Terrill

      If it is just union breaking then you guys aren’t thinking it though.

    7. This is good to hear. Thank her for not coming back.

  6. RobInBoston

    Mayim Bialik is insufferable indeed. I still wont watch this show though.

    1. Flo

      I like Ken Jennings so now I can resume watching on a regular basis. Lost interest when the focus became the revolving hosts. Liked Mike Richards the best and was sorry to see him go. Never liked Bialik so just stopped watching.

    2. Don

      Ken has grown in the job. He’s the perfect match for a job requiring poise, intelligence, and great people skills. Make the right decision and quit trying to please every segment of viewership: something that is impossible to achieve. Ken’s the one.

    3. Marcia

      Please keep Ken Jennings but if you have to bring back Mayim, do a makeover/ hair, wardrobe, makeup !

    4. Ron Schofield

      While I wish no ill will toward Mrs. Bialik….her talents lie in other fields. She was a proverbial ” fish out of water “.

    5. I dunno, I like her corny ness. It adds an unserious side to the show. Jennings is very dry and tries to hard to make it fun. It is a game show right?

    6. Linda

      Finally..wish her well on her acting career but I always wanted Ken

    7. Earl

      Bring back Ms Bialik, after the strike.

    8. Dan

      So if you’re not watching what’s it to you? I like her.

    9. Kaylon

      I can’t stand ken jennings. He has no personality. He tries to be funny-he’s not. I think jeopardy producers should look for a better choice

    10. Janice

      Always liked Ken best. He is sooo much better at interacting with the contestants than Mayim. She is quite boring. He brings life to the show 👍

    11. Kevin

      Glad to hear this news. Mayim always seemed way too unsure of herself, but I did tolerate her for the show’s sake.

    12. Kristi Poirier

      I miss Myiam Ken Jennings I just seems ge iß the greatest and I think he needs to be brought down a peg

    13. Marilyn

      I love Ken Jennings, and I am so glad that he is going to be the host for all the shows because he just does a wonderful job!

    14. Julie

      I liked Mayim. I am sorry to see her go.

  7. Debbie

    I sure hope this is true! Ken is great at this job!

  8. Victor

    May I’m has a better sense of humor.

  9. Jamie Seyboth

    Keep Ken as host. He seems to be a natural .

  10. Marie

    I think she should be allowed to continue. She’s a great host. I think their time should be shared. 💕

  11. Wendy

    Oh so. Glad.!!
    Mayim was awful..!!

  12. Dan Miller

    Ken obviously loves the job of reading the questions with understanding and inflection. And even more, he loves reacting to the contestants’ answers with wit and intelligence. He adds to every aspect of the game. Like Alex, he likes intelligent people, and reacts to them with natural charm and charisma.

  13. Paul Medrano

    Alex Trebek is irreplaceable but Ken Jennings is the perfect choice to take his place. NO to Bialik. If she comes back, I will never watch Jeopardy ever again!

  14. I like Ken Jennings. He has a good stage presence, and has an easy banter with the competitors. I always watch more when he is the host.

  15. Ken’s the better choice! Buzzy Cohen could fill in if Ken was not there!!

  16. DebJ

    Get rid of her! Awful!

  17. Jean

    Would prefer not to see Mayim again.

  18. Wanda Journell

    Glad to hear this!!

  19. DebJ

    Get rid of her! Just awful.

  20. Kayla

    I thought both of the hosts or likable for very different reasons.

  21. jJoyce harrington

    Didn’t like to watch her at all. Glad Ken will stay

  22. GJ Lucy

    Keep Ken – Mayim – to use the old phrase – “puts on airs” and is too wiggley – Ken is refined like Alex and a better fit

  23. Tori

    I loved Mayim and only watched her on jeopardy since Alex passed, so the question is Ken who?

  24. Nancy R.

    I think Bialik has been great and adds a warmth that Jennings doesn’t have. However, Jennings does a great job as well.

  25. Tracie

    I want Ken. Let’s not have her back. She drives me crazy with her ‘pauses’ after answers.

  26. Jane Zolot

    Ken is far superior to anyone else who’s been hosting. Keep him permanently.

  27. Kim

    I really enjoy Mayim Bialik as co-host of Jeopardy. She is a welcome breath of fresh air. She brings a lightness to the show. I enjoy Ken also but see absolutely nothing wrong with Mayim’s hosting abilities. Bring her back!!!

  28. Karen

    We love Mayim much better than Ken. Really hope they get her back. She is a breath of fresh air on that show

  29. Deb

    I like Mayim. She’s very smart and enjoys the the contestants .. she’s not as condescending as Ken. It’s a shame that they’re replacing her, if this is true.

  30. Greg Gemmill

    The fact that she always has to add a comment after every correct answer irritates me to no end… There is absolutely no reason to prove how smart you are continually. Ken, like Alex did; allows the contestants to be the show… not the host!!

  31. Virginia

    Please take her voice off the online game!

  32. Randy

    Good riddance to her. It was unbearable to watch when she hosted.

  33. Mauro T Navarro

    I never watched when Jennings hosted. No more Jeopardy on my TV.

  34. Get rid of Mayim Bialik, she makes jeopardy not interesting enough to watch….Ken Jennings the man for the job

  35. Frank DeVincenzo

    It was a mistake from the start. The push for her was always “but she is a very educated woman…a scientist!” The fit wasn’t there.

  36. Peggy Crum

    It’s about time she was put out!!! Was not the personality needed for a host a Jeopardy

  37. Sounds like a really good decision to me Ken It’s a very good host for jeopardyjeopardy

  38. Larry Stadler

    We usually don’t watch when she is hosting. We love Ken and his good humor and the way he makes the contestants feel good about themselves. He is the best host for this show.

  39. AH

    Great news! My husband can’t stand her!

  40. Jerry

    Jerry. So glad Ken in full time. He makes the show go so smooth

  41. Kathy

    I stopped watching jeopardy because of Mayim. She doesn’t have ” IT “. She is bland and has no personality.

  42. Rick

    Mayim is the Best. She has a great demeanor and my wife and I both love her. Don’t let her go!

  43. Richard Clifton

    Don’t let her go. She makes everyone Happy!

  44. Joe Nbody

    So many haters can’t just say congratulations for Ken, but have to make themselves feel better by noting they do not like Mayim or she appeared to be fake. Haters gonna hate!

  45. Ann

    I enjoy watching Mayim, she has a personality and engages with the contestants. Ken is a bit robotic. I’m still waiting for them to bring on Tom Bergeron!

  46. Suzyq

    Keep Ken. Get rid of Mayim. I can’t stand when she is hosting. Ken is the best.

  47. Kathy

    No thanks. Ken is the best choice. Thanks

  48. Gail M Hoffman

    She was a terrible host, very condescending to participants and over all unpleasant to watch. Ken is the consummate professional and is a great Host. Finally, the Execs could see what the viewers were seeing.

  49. Meg

    I really enjoyed Mayim. She was refreshing.

  50. Diane

    I love Mayim Bialik! She’s great!

  51. Julie Harrigan

    After viewing both be host, it seems lately that Ken is settling into his role. He isn’t talking so fast as he used to. He also doesn’t stare into the camera so intently as he used to, which was kind of creepy. Mayim just doesn’t seem to get into the swing of things. Sometimes she even hesitates alot before letting the contestant know if the answer is right or wrong. It’s frustrating for me, and the contestant, I am sure. I could name more differences, but I think Ken has turned out to be the better host. I think it would be better to make Ken the permanent host.

  52. Mike Reedy

    ‘Bout time. Alex brought a certain class to the show that Mayim diminishes. Not the Mayim is a bad actor or person, she’s just not Jeopardy material’

  53. Beth

    I’m happy for Ken and wish Mayim luck in whatever.

  54. Sheryl

    I far prefer her to him. In reality neither are fit hosts for this program. There is no other Alex, sadly! But they need to actually look for someone who has charisma and is well educated.

  55. kevin

    I like Mayim so much more than Ken—she is nice and warm and funny—Ken can be obnoxious and annoying

  56. Suzanne

    Ken all the way

  57. John Rowe

    Bye bye Bialik. For good.

  58. Jim

    I really have nothing against Mayim Bialik but I have always thought that Ken Jennings was a natural successor as host of Jeopardy.

  59. bill

    she never should have hosted it at all

  60. Barbara

    I enjoy Mayim hosting and Ken. If only Ken will miss Mayim. She does a great job!

  61. Genny

    Great news. I can’t watch when she is on

  62. Samantha

    Keep Ken Jennings

  63. Bart Lowrey

    I have no respect for Jennings whatsoever. As a contestant he was a total coward with his wagering for his entire run. Back then he was timid and reserved because he is such a coward and wimp. Now he has totally flipflopped. He is arrogant,brash and condescending. We mute him and do not listen to anything until the game begins. It is very sad people must tolerate this little badly dressed person that speaks with a lisp.

  64. Don

    Viewers are so quick to judge those trying to host Jeopardy. Hosting Jeopardy is a very difficult job. The host has to be able to think on their feet and quickly process what is before them. I like the job that Mayim and Ken have been doing. Viewers should enjoy the show for what it is or find something else to watch or do.

  65. Doris Hill Tompkins

    I liked her better then Ken !

  66. Patricia

    Mayim Bialik is a good actress and brilliant person but she has never fit the Jeopardy role. It felt like she was shoved down our throats and that fans were not being listened to. The best thing is for her to be done with this role. It will finally close the door of the disrespectful (to Alex & long time fans) manner in which choosing a replacement for Alex.

  67. Alex would have wanted Ken. He’s much better for the job.

  68. Vicki

    Ken Jennings is the right choice for hosting! At least his comments when listening to the candidates anecdotes are relative and intelligent. Not just “amazing”.
    He fits this role like a glove.

  69. Marla

    We need Mayim back! She is an excellent jeopardy host!

  70. C. Ann

    I much prefer Ken Jennings. He’s incredibly sharp, knowledgeable, and personable. He seems to enjoy interacting with the contestants. She, on the other hand, sometimes comes across as arrogant. Enough said.

  71. Dale

    Give me Lever Burton

  72. Juanita

    Great to hear this. Like Ken a lot!

  73. Carol

    I am personally delighted that she will no longer host the show; in my opinion, she was too syrupy. Liked her on Big Bang; disliked her on Jeopardy!

  74. Karen

    Happy Ken has the job. She was VERY annoying.

  75. Cheryl

    I do not want her to come back, I prefer Ken Jennings

  76. Ann

    I don’t miss her! Ken is a natural.

  77. Larry Whitson

    Whenever I turn on “Jeopardy!” And find that Bialik is going to be the host, I groan and say “OH, NO!!”

    If you want my opinion, get her OUTTA THERE and make Ken the total host.

  78. Judi C

    I want her to come back I love when she is on . I turn off when Ken come on.

  79. Di

    I’m glad they permanently replaced Mayim with Ken. He’s a MUCH better host. And as for him taking flak for not supporting the strike, remember he’s not an actor. I understand the idea behind strikes, but in the end no one wins. Those lost wages can never be recovered. No hate, please. This is my opinion.

  80. Cdg Morrison

    Please bring her back. Females need to be represented on the show. Both hosts have made mistakes. Both hosts are good. She may be stiffer and a little unsure of herself, but that will slowly change. Please reconsider and reinstate the female host. Thank you.

  81. Diane

    Just put some mascara on Ken, he looks so washed out as to appear ill.

  82. Liz

    Ken is perfect for the job but I also enjoyed Mayim. People are so hateful.

  83. L.G. Doyle

    I don’t like either and the show should find another host!!!

  84. Do not bring back Bialik, she is horrible host!!

  85. Gregg

    Please, Please, Please do NOT bring that woman back . Bialik is the worst.
    Ken does a much better job.

  86. Marcie Harris

    Yay to Ken Jennings. I can happily watch the show again. Mayim is unnatural and stiff. Ken is smart and this is his thing. He knows this game inside and out and the former host Alex Trebek wanted him to take over to begin with.

    1. Cheryl

      Ever since Alex passed away, I believe show has really gone downhill. All the confusion with a new host, the categories are sometimes very strange and at times cannot understand what they are looking for, and it seems to me that the show has gone extremely left.

  87. Bob Weber

    Ken is the person that Alex Trebek named as his replacement. He’s much better than Mayim because she isn’t hosting, she acts like she’s hosting. I hope this change is made permanent so I may watch all of the shows, not just the ones he hosts.

  88. K Monahan

    Happy Ken Jennings is going to the permanent host!

  89. Bob Laver

    I might be in the minority here but I love Mayim Bialik as host. She brings excitement and personality to the show that Ken Jennings sadly lacks. He is robotic and stiff. She is colorful and lively. Let’s keep her on and give Ken the boot!

  90. Glad she is out Never thought she was right for the host position!

  91. Linda Naletko

    Great decision by the network!
    I couldn’t watch when she hosted.

  92. Peg G.

    Don’t care for her hosting Jeopardy. Do not watch when she is hosting .

  93. Eric

    Truthfully Ken Jennings has been part of Jeopardy as a contestant etc sooo just maybe he should be host not saying Mayim can’t help Alex didn’t want bickering I’m sure


    I think KEN should do all the JEOPARDY’S except CELEBRITY JEOPARDY. MAYIM is better for that show. Many of the celebs are her friends. So the rapport is there—just like KEN’S with “regular JEOPARDY contestants”.

  95. Karen Kinnick

    Well, then I’m leaving too!

  96. Michelle

    No a fan of Mayim Bialik ..
    Im glad to have 1 host

  97. John Grant

    Good news! I will start watching again

  98. She is not a likeable person at all. I’m glad she will be gone.

  99. Judy Etzel

    Have always liked Ken and preferred him over ALL the other wanna be’s, including Mayim. Glad he’ll be the grand host of all Jeopardies!

  100. Tink

    Good decision. Ken is a natural, and being the GOAT, has earned the position. Mayim seemed uncomfortable and you could see her working. It was not good casting. She is probably relieved. She will go on to good acting roles.

  101. Nana

    Though I support Mayim’s refusal to be a scab, I have never liked her as a host. Ken is a natural.

  102. Donna

    Love Mayim but she’s not my fave for jeopardy. Ken is def not a fave either. LaVar Burton would’ve been a great choice. I stopped watching this show when Ken came on board

  103. Cecile Maglio

    I think Mayim Bialik is a good host. She is very intelligent and does a good job. I love Ken Jennings too but give someelse a shot too.

  104. Ed

    I would like to see Mayom back. I enjoyed her style

  105. I want her back. PERIOD. DOT!

  106. I want her back! PERIOD DOT!

  107. Marlo

    I don’t like Ken he is rude even when he was on Chase he was obnoxious and he showed it on jeopardy too

  108. Brad Feig

    Keep her on. She has a nice demeaner for Jeopardy!

  109. Nancy

    Bring her back Don’t like Ken

  110. Martha Finney Bross

    SOOO SAD! We prefer Mayim. Ken enunciation and very fast speech pattern is quite difficult for us to hear. We probably will give up our daily Jeopardy viewing…if this is true.

  111. Barry King

    It’s about time only watched when Ken Jennings was hosting he should have been named the host immediately.

  112. P Snyder

    Only celebrity Jeopardy, Y’all need to chill.

  113. Donna Kaufman

    I want Mayim back, I just don’t enjoy Ken as much. Mayim has a sense of humor which adds to the show

  114. Sue

    Hallalujah! Ken is the best. When.Mayim is on I mute and just read captions!

  115. Mark

    I so disagree with the bialik haters. I can’t stand jenning’s fake laugh at his own jokes. I hate watching it with him in it. To each their own I guess.

  116. Madelyn

    I won’t be sorry if Mayim is replaced by Ken. What I’d really like to see is Sam Buttrey replace Mayim. He’s got more stage presence and wit than either of the current hosts.

  117. Patricia

    Ken Jennings is so much like Alec I do not like the show when she hosts it I think she makes the contestants uncomfortable Let do it all

  118. Gary Wagoner

    Ken will do an excellent job.
    AND. Please stop messing up Wheel of Fortune! I believe you are about to lose many viewers with the Sajac replacement plus messing with a Anna who deserves better!

  119. Cathy

    Hate Ken he is so fake. ! She at least will give it her best and act like a human not a machine.

  120. Larry Knadle

    So happy Ken will be permanent host. I don’t even watch the show when she’s on. Just go to something else. Good decision.

  121. Helen Henderson

    I enjoy Mayim Billikens. She is a breath of fresh air.

  122. Helen Henderson

    Autocorrect misspelled Bialek. Sorry

  123. John Mulshine

    Mayim Bialik is a good addition to the show….she is a PHD….unlike Ken….silly to penalize her for standing with the writers…

  124. Ginger Long

    Well, I won’t be watching any more now that Ken will be fulltime. I don’t care for his demeanor or know it all attitude. Too bad they are ruining a great show.

  125. Gaye Swaim

    I personally enjoy Mayim Bialik the best. I Don think she should penalized for supporting the writer’s union.

  126. Harriette D Cooley

    I like Ken Jennings.

  127. Soooo very happy that she is gone. I could not watch her. She weaved and bobbed like she had to go to the bathroom. She always allowed that long pause before she would tell the contestant if the answer was correct. Ken is professional and knows how to interact with the contestants. Please make him the permanent host!! Your experiment was a bust!

  128. Case

    Great news. Here’s to Ken Jennings becoming solo permanent host.

  129. Jo

    Best decision. EVER! We don’t watch it when she’s on and we’ve been watching since it’s debut. Yes, we’re that old. Lol

  130. Irén

    This makes me sad. I enjoyed her.

  131. Julie

    I’ll miss Mayim! Not a Ken fan.

  132. Pat Saupe

    Glad that she is gone. Ken is definitely #1

  133. P.C.Knott

    No mayim bialik?
    Insert clapping hands emoji here.
    Buh-bye now!! Thanks for playing.

  134. I always loved Jeopardy but since Jen took over I hardly ever watch it. Mayim much better host for the show. I know Alex liked him, but many people don’t like his arrogance and demeanor. I know he lost many watchers and Hope Jeopardy producers realize the mistake

  135. Linda Danheiser


  136. Won’t watch if he takes over. Pompous ass!

  137. Bob Purdy

    I also did not watch when she was hosting. I much prefer Ken as host.

  138. Mayim is a better host get rid of Ken

  139. Sheila Coble

    Love Ken Jennings as host. I’m always disappointed when Mayim Bialik hosts. It “seems” as if she is unsure of the answers and waits until the producers say the contestant answered correctly or incorrectly. Very awkward!

  140. Tom Rea

    Great news. I planned to not watch when Ken was not on.

  141. Margot

    Not a fan of Mayim. Will not watch when she is on.

  142. JEANNIE


  143. Joanne Roberts

    I am glad to see that Ken Jennings will be permanent host. I did not watch when she was hosting!

  144. Perfect replacement for Alex.
    He’s a keeper.

  145. Donald Hopkins

    Great decision I have nothing against Mayim this was just not the right fit for her.Ken is a natural looking forward to years of watching the show.we enjoy it very much thank you. Herk and Janet

  146. Judy

    Absolutely bring her back. She is so real. Ken is arrogant!!!!

  147. Tom

    Jennings has it all together I entourages him when he’s on

  148. Rita

    Not happy @ all……Don’t like Ken Jenn8ngs…I will not watch with him….

  149. Casey

    Yea…Ken was meantbfor this job !!! Love him.

  150. Michael

    I think mayim was adequate. It’s hard to replace a legend
    I think she did fine. But them I’m a big bit fan.

  151. Kathy

    So glad to hear! Ken is entertaining and has a sharp wit. I enjoyed his comebacks when the big winners were competing. Mayim was just not good at all.

  152. Will not watch anymore

  153. Michael Newport

    Mayim belongs to a union and supports unions. CBS doesn’t like unions. Mayim Bialik is out. Big surprise.

  154. Beverly Ann Ralle

    I love Ken…always and always will!! Happy he will be the permanent host.

  155. I love her. She’s a great hostess and a credit to the show.

  156. I loved her on the show, and wish she would still be hosting, what a shame people like to hate on her, the reality is we all need to learn to be kind to everyone, it is so sad to see people just hating for no actual reasons…. Be Kind To Everyone

  157. bill

    we share the common sentiment. Ken is the best and the most well versed.

  158. ebonja


  159. Lynn

    I really like Mayim Bialik I think they made.the.wrong decision sorry to see her go

  160. Lenny

    She should never have been a host in the first place, she has no class and dresses old and frumpy. Ken Jennings should be a permanent full-time host.

  161. Ken is a natural. I love his comments. There are some people that just have to complain about everything. If the contestant is offended, I’m sure Ken will apologize. He is a gentleman and is taking over the reins with humility. He will always give Alex respect.

  162. Ron Schofield

    While I wish no ill will toward Mrs. Bialik….her talents lie in other fields. She was a proverbial ” fish out of water “.

  163. Betty

    Mayim Bialik is an intelligent, articulate role model AND a welcome host. Ken Jennings is a lisping twerp and I CANNOT watch him host Jeopardy. I understand that he cannot help his speech impediment but I fault the producers for putting him on national television. This is officially the end of my Jeopardy viewing.

  164. D. Vess

    I enjoyed Mayim Bialik. She has a good sense of humor and is highly intelligent. I will miss her.

  165. Barbara Albrechtsen

    I’m so glad Ken is the only host. He is such a natural. Mayim is so false and uncomfortable looking!

  166. Ken

    No to Mayim. She’s boring with no personality and she repeats the same phrases constantly. I hate the hesitation before she tells the contestants they’re correct.

  167. Steph

    Great! Like Ken and his wisdom for the game.

  168. Glo

    Great choice! Ken Jennings is the best@

  169. Nadine

    Too Bad … Ken doesn’t cut it for me. At least Mayim has a personality and is likable!

  170. B. Candlish

    I love Mayim. She is smart and a wonderful hot. Keep her on.

  171. Dolores

    I hope that Ken takes over the job permanently. He’s the only choice for me!

  172. Cindi

    Love Ken ,great news.

  173. Vicki

    I’m glad Ken will be the total host for all the Jeopardy features! He is so great at it!

  174. Vicki Widger

    Mayim halts too much when the contestants give the answer not knowing if it’s correct or not. It was very hard to watch her for multiple reasons.

  175. John

    Ken is genuine, smart, and knows of that he speaks. His personality is way too likeable. Mayim had her best role as a nerd and her attempts at humor fail without the canned laughter that accompanied her years on “Big Bang”.

  176. Mary

    Great news!! I’ve been wishing for Ken to be the “real” host for a long time! Not that Mayim is bad, Ken is just better.

  177. Sharon

    Is it even legal to fire an employee who supports a union strike?

  178. Samuel Bachman

    I sure hope that Mayim Bialik comes back to Jeopardy eventually.

  179. Alison

    Ken will be hosting both shows SIMPLY due to Mayim’s sovereignty to the strikes. It DOESN’T mean she won’t be back, and I hope she DOES come back. Y’all are just a bunch of haters

  180. Reruns of Gunsmoke are more entertaining than Mayim Bialik.
    My husband and I stopped watching Jeopardy because we can’t stand her.

  181. David Ernest Fairbanks

    A good choice. Congratulations to Ken Jennings.

  182. Danny

    Whelp, I’m done with Jeopardy! Jennings is a smug know-it-all scab that doesn’t get loyalty to the union. He’ll get his karma eventually.

  183. AR

    I like her very much! She is one of few women to host a game show. People are too judgemental and self centered.

  184. Liz

    I appreciate both hosts but prefer Mayim. And good for her for not crossing picket lines!

  185. Pat

    Can’t stand him so definitely won’t be watching anymore

  186. christen nitkowski

    I prefer mayim over Ken Ken is not a good fit

  187. Mitch

    I do not watch this show i don’t like Ken or Mayim. They both sock.

  188. Alice

    Ken Jennings is a great host. I especially love when he refers to Alex Trabeck, it solidifies the personal friendship he had with Alex. It’s very heart warming. Keep him on full time. His dedication through this writing strike shows his love if Jeopardy.

  189. Julia

    Hope she’s gone permanently.

  190. Barb

    I and my family are in disagreement with the choice of Ken in “control” of Jepordy.
    Maximum Bialik has personality, made you smile and was fun. Remember she had a short interview on screen and was not already a trained Jepordy host or contestant. Ken already had a good number of years advantage. We’ve talked of not watching any more.

  191. Jackie

    Love Ken he has a sense of fun and is courteous when wrong answers are given.
    Maylim’s long pauses before saying correct or wrong were intolerable. I saw this matter addressed by viewers several times but she never changed her delivery.
    Ken is a great choice.
    I quit watching the show when hosted by the arrogant Alex Trebek years ago. He was very rude to a young male contestant, l never forgave him for humiliating the young man.

  192. Marguerite

    I prefer Jennings over Bialik. I stopped watching whenever she hosted. I am glad they decided to keep Ken as a full-time host.

  193. Gail

    Sad to hear. I love Mayim. Ken is ok, but her personality is cool!

  194. Sooz

    She takes way too long to inform or decline many contestant’s responses. Don’t know what her problem is but it is unacceptable when they’re “on the clock” and she is holding it up…too often. Ken does not do that. I am sure the correct answer is available at the podium…can she not read or does she lose her place. That was the same issue we had with Levar…too long a time lapse. Go with Ken and make us happy!

  195. Kathleen

    Please keep Ken Jennings…he is so much more personable

  196. Susan

    Its just for celebrity jepardy as she doesn’t want to be a scab and cross picket lines .I don’t like her much but I have to celebrate her for that

  197. I am very happy that she is gone. When she hosted the game, I changed the channel.
    Ken, is easygoing and has more personality.

  198. I am very happy that she is out to pasture . When, she hosted the game, I changed the channel.
    Ken, is easygoing and has more personality.

  199. H KREMSER

    Now we don’t have to hold our breath to see you is hosting great news !
    Congratulations KEN. 🍾🥂👍

  200. Eric

    I prefer to see Mayim Bialik the Ken Jennings. He has no sense of humor and even when he tries it’s always a flop. He tries to be like Alex he can never replace him so don’t try. I think Mayim Bialik should be the host going forward.

  201. Mot

    Finally the wicked witch is DEAD!

  202. Bill H.

    Best news ever. I can now watch all of Jeopardy, instead of skipping the shows that she is hosting.

  203. Casey Casebolt

    Praise the Lord. Now I won’t have to miss any of my FAVORITE programs. Ken has MORE personality than Mayhem Balick has in her little finger.

  204. Lynn

    Mayim , you are a real deal with professional mannerisms and completely a fresh breath of air for Jeopardy.
    As for myself , I am sad to see you leave Jeopardy, but I am a loyal fan and will watch how tv world holds in store for you.
    Surprise us all, we will be watching for you.
    Mayim, you were the “bestest” host !

  205. Susan

    Nope…CANCEL the 15 hearts for these nasty comments … I was just trying to advance the page — NOT to give hate talk to Mayim. I like when she directs the show. 15 Hearts to HER💕!

  206. Nina

    Keep Mayim, and get rid of the arrogant yet boring Ken

  207. Linda

    I prefer Mayim over Ken any day!! Ken is so smug, I can’t stand him

  208. Diane Beger

    She was so annoying. I am glad we won’t have to suffer thru her social awkwardness as she tries to converse with contestants.
    Jennings is the GOAT so he EARNED the stage.


    So glad that Ken is back as sole host.

  210. David Thompson

    Mayim Bialik was good…as Amy Farrah Fowler, but as Jeopardy host…nope.

  211. Bob Smith

    Never was a fan of her,Ken is the man.

  212. Patsy

    Her misuse of pronouns was inexcusable. “It is HER”, ” it’s HIM? Really? Noone on staff noticed?

  213. Julie


  214. Trang

    No, let her take permanent leave please!

  215. Maryanne

    I thought they were both brilliant, but Ken Jennings is a natural for the hosting job. I have loved Jeopardy! for 35 years and will continue to watch it no matter who is hosting.

  216. Ellyn

    I am ecstatic that Ken will be permanent host and wish Mayim well as she moves on.

  217. Pat

    Jeopardy is Ken Jennings show…..he is definitely the heir intended! Mayim just did not fit and it was quite obvious!

  218. Jobi

    Happy not seeing Mayim as host anymore. The show finally has a dignified host it deserves like Ken Jennings. Alex would be pleased.

  219. M Grobler

    I don’t know why there was a problem with Mayim Bialik. I actually liked her. I find people can be so nasty. Did she lose the job because she’s a woman?

  220. Jeff

    Guess I won’t be watching jeopardy in the future. Should have kept Mayim and gotten rid of Mr Nopersonality.

  221. Claudette

    A study once demonstrated that 2 actors who interviewed for the same job– using exactly the same script– had extremely different results. Everyone said he had confidence; she was arrogant. He had a great personality; she seemed uptight. When this was revealed to the hiring committee, they were very much chagrined, and said it revealed how much they’d have to rethink ingrained notions of gender perception.
    The dislike and heavy criticism for Mayam has always baffled me. She’s classy, she’s educated, she’s charming. Everyone loved her on Big Bang. Everyone was totally charmed by Blossom back in the day. The fact that she left acting to get a PhD in neuroscience is highly impressive. She came back to acting, bringing a richer dimension with her. She’s used her voice to speak out for animals, compassion, gentle mothering and more. I see this translate in her on-air personality.
    I very much enjoyed her as host. She was absolutely none of those things people called her. They refuse to even WATCH that amazing show when she’s hosting, like spoiled kindergarteners??
    I enjoy Ken’s hosting too, and even he can’t win and gets criticism too. (Smh. Ya’ll aren’t happy with anything, are you? )
    But the people complaining and whining and calling her all sorts of things are stubborn, biased, and unwilling to consider the humanity in others. And determined in their resolve to see the worst in her, even when it isn’t there. If she was their mother or sister, they’d be unbelievably proud. Instead, they’re proud to be haters. Well, if that’s what gives them a sense of accomplishment, so be it. But the truth is that’s shameful, and I take comfort in knowing I’m fair and open-minded when considering other human beings. Good luck to both Mayam and Ken. Neither are in an enviable position with this…

  222. I’m sad that Mayim is gone. I enjoyed watching her.

  223. Lilly

    I love Mayim but I fo think Ken is more comfortable hosting this show. He is pretty arrogant though. And treats contestants like he’s smarter than them. He definitely IS NOT Alex.

  224. Anne Howell

    Love it when Ken is hosting. Don’t watch when she was hosting. She was terrible. Good move to make Ken permanent.

  225. Jay

    I hope what I hear is true. Mayim is an actress and she should keep to her profession . I do not know why she was picked to host jeopardy in which she was hopeless.

  226. Laura

    Ken Jennings is not a good host. Mayim is better

  227. Marian

    We enjoyed and loved Mayim Bialik she is more personable than cardboard Ken Jennings.

  228. Molly

    Ken is exactly what Jeopardy needs. I cringe when MB is the host! Please let Ken take over completely!!

  229. Carol gerbrandt

    Good bye Jeopardy!!! I have had enough of Ken Jennings. Mayim was a burst of new and exiting pleasure. Ken is an over paid host and talks a mile a minute . Will not waste my valuable time watching motor mouth Mayim was more exciting and enjoyable!❤️

  230. Nancy

    Yeah for Ken Jennings! He is so good!!!

  231. Monna Hilton

    Ken Jennings is perfect and the best for this job. There is NO OTHER,

  232. John

    Other than a few issues with timing, her only mistake was having to follow in the footsteps of Alex Trebek and Ken Jennings. I wish her well and I know she’ll move on to something more suited to her talents.

  233. Gloria

    I love mayim .altho she is a little to perky for jeopardy for some .ken was a turn coat.

  234. Melodie

    I thought she was a breathe of fresh air! She showed more humor than Mr Stick in the Mud. Although, he seemed friendlier on Masters rerun last night. I still prefer the change over.

  235. Kate C

    I thought Mayim brought a fun and watchable element to the show, and I liked her hosting.

  236. David Simpkins

    It’s sad to see other people make fun of Myam Bialik and not giving her a chance to host full time. God will fix this and he don’t like ugly. I stand behind Myam Bialik 100% Please keep her hosting Jeopardy!

  237. I love Mayim! I suffer through Ken but prefer Mayim any day.

  238. Halleluiah!

  239. Diane h

    Hate to hear this. I prefer Mayaim to Ken.

  240. John

    To bad she is going

  241. Hi, I like both of them. If I am being honest, I’m use to see her in more of a comedy type show and on jeopardy she has to be calm and straight forward and I just feel like she’s not having fun. She may be, but on the other hand I do really like Ken. I only watched jeopardy off and on over the years but he seems to fit the spot nicely.

  242. Tom

    I won’t watch when she is hosting…. terrible host ! Ken is a natural.

  243. Kathy V.

    Ken does a much better job. Mayiam is too “over the top” with her animated actions, head bobbing & expressive voice. She makes me feel uncomfortable. I miss following contestants because her animated ways annoy & distract me. She should stick to acting. The Jeopardy host platform is not a place for an actor/actress. Ken works well with the guests. He focuses on their playing & the game itself, not himself. Things run smoothly & more like the the time when Alex was hosting. To do otherwise changes the dynamics of the show & makes it less desirable to watch. Please keep Ken. Please stay, Ken!

  244. Ken Jennings is the only right person for this job. Good decision.

  245. D

    I think that Mayim Bialik is a good person intelligent. I can’t believe that people would be mean to her. I think she did a good job on Jeopardy, why do people have to mean and disrespect to people who try hard to do their job. I don’t understand why. I think she a good person and a good actress.

  246. Jan

    She gave it her best shot, but Ken is so much more suited for the host!! Glad he got the position! Long may he reign!!

  247. Finally. A nod toward true professionalism, talent and timing. Alex would be so pleased

  248. I think that Mayim Bialik is a good person intelligent. I can’t believe that people would be mean to her. I think she did a good job on Jeopardy, why do people have to mean and disrespect to people who try hard to do their job. I don’t understand why. I think she a good person and a good actress.

  249. I will miss Mayim. Ken seems to rush the show along.

  250. Paul

    I didn’t like Mayim, and I gave her a shot. She lost me with, “That is the end of single Jeopardy, double jeopardy will be right up!” Plus Ken is so much better. He has a great wit.

  251. David Burghardt

    I like both. She has a pleasing voice. Oh well the both should support the unions. Just my opinion.

  252. Kelly

    We want Mayim. We don’t like Ken, he’s a sniveling, snotty host.who thinks he knows everything. It’s coming down to whether we keep watching or not.

  253. Ken

    Wonderful, so glad

  254. Susan

    I think she was a great host and I am sorry to see her go. I think this was probably a patriarchal decision.

  255. MaD

    Nothing will stop me from watching the show, but I definitely think Ken is more natural in the job. I’m glad, if this is true.

  256. L young

    I much preferred her over KEN, sorry to hear this. Thinking there is a lot of you that need to pull the stick out of your ass stop being so damn critical of everything little thing.

  257. Hadassah

    I love Ken Jennings, been a fan for a long time. He’s a natural to be hosting Jeopardy. He is so experienced, and it shows. Mayom Bialik wasn’t terrible, just clearly an amateur compared to Ken. But why all the hate? I think she would have grown into the role but she just couldn’t compare to Ken Jennings.

  258. Stan

    I’m sorry, but Ken is just creepy. If it isn’t Bialik, find a new host.

  259. Meta town

    Ken is a petulant little twit. Never liked him. Stopped watching jeopardy because of him.

  260. Karen

    I won’t be watching Jeopardy anymore without Mayim. Never have liked Ken.

  261. Mayim is a good choice for the celebrity games that tend to lack seriousness, and be more laid back which connect more with her personality. She should continue with those. Ken by far is the right choice.

  262. Jan

    Ken made horrible comments about good looking ladies in wheelchairs. My dad was a quad. I refuse to watch Ken. He has zero class.

  263. kat

    i really liked her as a host i think it’s mostly misogyny in these comments

  264. CWM

    Bialik did a very good job. Like her presentation.

  265. Ree

    Praise Be!! She doesn’t reflect the sophistication of Jeopardy in demeanor, speed of acknowledgement of responses, dress. Can’t go off script

  266. Sue Fevola

    I read that he will be doing the celebrity show, not the whole of regular Jeopardy. I that. Please say Ken will be doing the whole of Jeopardy. Bye bye Malim Bialik

  267. Debby

    She’s just not natural & takes too long to let a contestant know if they answered correctly!

  268. Barbara Albrechtsen

    So glad to hear that Ken Jennings only now on Jeopardy! He is so natural and relaxed to watch. Yeah!

  269. Bea McKim

    Meyim seemed to be trying to be someone else. And that sin ger pronunciation thing. What’s up with that?

  270. From Ken Jennings: The tweet in question was from 2014 and read: “Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair.”

  271. Lois Randall

    Best decision ever.

  272. RJ

    Ken, seemed uncomfortable earlier in his transition to host, but he is now very strong in that role. Mayim, was still “Blossom”, gangly and unsure @ most times.

  273. Bea McKim

    I’m so glad she’s gone. Good news. I wouldn’t watch when she was hosting, and I love Jeopardy .

  274. Lynn

    Such sad news! I liked her so much. She will do well without Jeopardy.

  275. James

    Boo !!!!!

  276. Bren

    OH NO!! I LOVE HER!!!

  277. Elizabeth Marucci

    Hooray!!! She was very annoying.

  278. Claire

    Ken jenning vas been faithful to jeopardy for a long time. Much better than Myam Bialek.

  279. Karen S.

    I don’t think Mayim Bialik should have been a host for Jeopardy in the first place. She flaunted herself around the Jeopardy stage for far to long. My choice would have been Aaron Rodgers or Mike Richards as they both did an awesome job. But if I had to choose between Ken Jennings or Mayim Bialik, it would be Ken Jennings hands down. I think Alex Trebek would be very happy with the way Ken is following in his footsteps also.

  280. Ch

    Truly, she is brilliant. Why is it necessary to kick someone when they are down. I hate human nature. The woman is smarter than everyone.

  281. C. C.

    I don’t watch when she’s on. I applaud this!

  282. Nancy

    Love Jeopardy!

  283. Lisette

    I thought you were great in jeopardy you will be missed.

  284. Thank God.i couldn’t watch the show when Ken wasn’t hosting.He is much much better at hosting.

  285. Terry

    Great! That woman just made me feel like not watching the show. Personality just wasn’t suited for moderating in the Trebek style.

  286. Leticia caceci

    Good news for jeopardy and the fans. Jennings is the best!

  287. Jim

    That’s sucks. Why does everybody hate mayim so much. Big deal she makes a little mistake here and there you would have thought that she attacked a contestants or curse them out. It’s just over the top ridiculous.

  288. Betty

    I can’t take either one! Bring back Mike Richards!

  289. Janet

    I thought Mayim was a refreshing addition
    To jeopardy. Her speech was clear and she properly pronounced

  290. Carol

    This is great news to me. I think Ken does an excellent job. Mayim still has the loooong pause before she says whether an answer is right or wrong. Her timing is not good. I would prefer to see Ken 100% of the time!!!

  291. Marilyn Lee

    Really enjoy watching Ken! Think he is a great host!

  292. William Pike

    I think they should replace both of them with one new person

  293. Scott Strohkirch

    Seems to me she shouldn’t lose her place permanently because she is taking a stand in the strike. Albeit true that he is better at the job, but many are angry with him for not taking the same stand for the writers

  294. Charlie

    I like Mayim. I think it gave her the opportunity to just be herself and not act (BBT or Call me Kat). I also liked having two hosts… because no one person can replace Alex Tribek!

  295. Tuttibumps

    I liked Mayim and will miss her. She added verity to the line-up.

  296. Yay! That’s all I have to say.

  297. Becky


  298. Char Stimpson

    Love Jen, Mayim not so much! She’s boring and just not a good host, Ken however is great at hosting!

  299. Pamela

    I like Mayim and she stands with her fellow strikers. Ken … not so much.

  300. Ann

    I enjoy both hosts. I think they are both great and appreciate both of their styles. I especially love Mayim’s enthusiasm and vibrant life she brings. I like the variety of having two hosts. There will never be another Alex of course, so no sense trying to duplicate that. And I am tired of grown ups, presumably intelligent ones, saying they won’t watch if one or the other is hosting. Please keep Mayim as well as Ken!

  301. Marilyn

    I’m so glad that Ken is going to be the permanent host. He’s wonderful and so sweet and such a natural. I went to a taping last year, and he was so charming with the audience.

  302. Joyce S.

    My husband and I prefer Mayim. I hope she’ll be back in some capacity when the strike is over.

  303. Christine

    This makes me so sad. I can barely stand to watch him. Hope this will be reconsidered!

  304. M.K. Miller

    I kinda feel sorry for Mayim. She seems nice enough but just doesn’t have the conversational skills and personality needed to follow someone as skilled and likable as Alex Trebek. Ken isn’t Alex but he’s much more confident than Mayim because he’s played Jeopardy successfully. I’ve always wondered why someone thought Mayim was a good choice. I look forward to watching Jeopardy now that Ken’s in charge.🤓

  305. Sally

    I truly LIKE watching Mayim Bialik on JEOPARDY!, as a matter of fact I PREFER her as Host over Ken Jennings…to each his own…

    1. Paula

      I wholeheartedly agree with you!

  306. David

    Could never stand her on any shows . The producers had to have loose screws.

  307. Sorry to hear this. I enjoyed Maylik. I thought the combination with Jennings gave good variety!

  308. Anna

    When she is on I don’t watch the show!