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"it's a small world"

Credit: Disney


  1. Ty

    Infuriating lowlifes!!! Put a pull-up on your kid in case there is no restroom available!! Inoperable the entire family were banned including the nana who should know better.

  2. Wow that’s just nasty.

  3. Dan

    One time about 3 years ago at Disneyland I was standing at the exit shop for Small World and looked down to see an ailing rat in its death throws. I motioned a staff sweeper and she started trying to scoop him up unsuccessfully he was flopping around crazy. Then the staff person started getting dry hevis and freaking out so I moved over quickly and crushed it with my footing. All good! It was merciful and the sweeper was relieved. Even death come to the happiest place on earth.

  4. G gm

    So much trash going to Disney now. I’m so tired of it.

    1. Sandy

      Right!? With the price and the crowds is it really the happiest place on earth?

  5. GE

    More evidence that people cannot behave with dignity and respect in public. Accountability and/or stiff penalties must be our countermeasure or this will be more common.

  6. Anonymous

    Hope they get banned for life , so the kid they let do that can never go want they get older , and loss out . An give them a copy of the security tape so that they will never forget their atrocity and on a disc that can never be broken or destroyed .

    1. M Papligone

      This is the degradation of society. I have come to the conclusion the bar can’t be set any lower.

  7. Sandra

    These people are SO
    Disrespectful . If you have NO respect for other people. Then YOU SHOULD STAY HOME 🏠. YOU SHOULD NOT EVEN BOTHER TAKING YOUR
    Disgusting and disrespectful children to Disneyland. You should let
    Other Families enjoy their day at Disneyland. Maybe you should put some
    PULL UPS in the Diaper bag. You and your family should be banned from Disneyland.

  8. Perfect example of white trash

  9. Daniel

    Ignorance at its best uneducated parents should not even have children

  10. Ed

    Gee…I wonder what the race of the low-life’s were.

    1. The entire family should have been banned for life once staff viewed security footage. Some people nowadays are just pathetic entitled lowlifes

  11. This entire family should have been banned for life once the security tapes were viewed by staff. People nowadays are just ignorant pathetic scumbags.

  12. Jim

    How come Disney didn’t throw them out of the park?

  13. Susan Jess

    Discussting how one group can spoil the occasion for everyone else.
    Besides being a health violation
    It’s also been witnessed on jungle cruise space mountain and one adult removing her panties to pee on the water on pirate’s of the Caribbean.The pee a thoñgs need to be removed from the park immediately.Thanks for keeping the rest of us informed
    I know I always look for the dry seats ect.Its a real shame the lack of parental responsibility and consideration for others
    There is plenty of restrooms and changing rooms please use them and keep them clean for the rest of us.and let’s keep Disneyland a very happy and magical place as Walt would have intended for his family and ours

  14. Margo

    I can’t believe that happened at Disneyland. It sounds more like Walt Disney World thing.
    Their less worried about proprietary there.

  15. Kelly

    Disgusting! What the heck is wrong with people, nowadays? Letting your child go to the bathroom in the water on a Disneyland ride is just gross! I haven’t been to Disneyland since the summer of 1983, but going there now doesn’t sound very appealing! There was a story just yesterday, about a kid peeing on the Space Mountain ride, and the kid’s parents just let it happen! I mean, seriously! Who wants to get on a Disneyland ride and end up sitting in pee?
    People who allow this to happen should be banned from the Disney theme parks! If your kid has to go to the bathroom, please take him or her to the bathroom before you get on a ride!

  16. Kelly

    That’s just nasty! Parents should always ask their child if he or she has to go to the bathroom before getting on an amusement park ride! Peeing in the water is just gross!

  17. P.C.Knott

    In what world is this even considered acceptable? One can only hope video footage was reviewed and the family was immediately shown the gate permanently, and without any refund!

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