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Freddy Fazbear looking menacing with his other scary animatronics behind him in the dark

Credit: ScottGames


  1. Eric you

    I hope tommorow that the grand opening of Halloween horror nights at universal studios Orlando Florida resort is better than the team member preview and is more bloody and scary than last years event I also hope that the universal horror makeup show theater is used for a indoor event for the media on the first night of the event where a little show is done to kickoff this years event together with the opening ceremony that happens each day the event is open on.

  2. Moss

    The first picture used is not by Scott Cawthon. It is from a fan game known as FNAF+.

    1. Josiah

      A canceled one too lol

    2. BellTolls

      Which was heralded by Scott & Co prior to Phillip’s controversy.

  3. I would of never thought that they would do five night of freddy’s

  4. It’s funny because I can’t wait for y’all to see when FNAF plus comes out, I work for the team and I got to see the press screening for the FNAF movie, it’s awesome.

  5. Sandra

    How long will the museum be open at Universal? Live out of State and want to take my son next month.

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