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  1. Great! The ball is in their court!

    1. Little Ronda

      Got to love the absolute hubris of that bobble-headed little slime bucket.

      Begging Disney to back off, while simultaneously stating they’d just lose if they didn’t? Seems appropriate to test that now, rather than invite future challenge, right?

      1. Zaggs

        LOL. He wasn’t begging them to back off, he was giving them an out. Disney’s one hope was Corrupt Judge Walker. He’s gone, loss 1 for Disney. Then they hoped to get the state case dismissed so their contracts (and 4/5ths of their federal case) couldn’t be judges to be null and void. Loss 2. Now they’re facing a summary judgement request on 5 of the new boards 9 counts against Disney in the state case. If the Judge grants the motion, and sides with the new board on just 1 or 2 of those 5 counts, Disney is done. Thats why Desantis was giving them the out.

  2. Little Ronda

    Grab Lil Ronda’s bhole and stretch it up over his forehead, Mickey!

    Like in a Disney story, the goofy little villain must not only lose, but he horribly publicly embarrassed in the process.

    Simply “moving on” is what the villain wants… you guys gonna give the antagonist what HE wants?

    He chased you down, he caught you, batted you a bit… Now that you’re caught, show him what you can do!

    Drown him and all he represents in lawsuits, extract every penny you can out of the once “great” state that fell so very far, when they voted for this bobble-headed fake strongman.

    Send a clear message about what you think about bullies, destroy his legacy, give him the utter ruin he’s been begging for, for a long time now. Please 🙏

  3. Walt

    Hope Disney loses – and I am a stockholder and cast member. Makes no sense you say? Makes COMPLETE sense.

  4. Engineer10388

    He’s learning not to mess with The Mouse! SCOTUS ruled corporations are people so, right or wrong, they have free speech rights, including voicing a position on social issues.

    1. Zaggs

      The Mouse has already lost the 2 judgements they needed. They’re facing a 3rd judgement. If they lose that one, the kill shot is just around the corner. They’re scared. Deathly scared and this is a pathetic filing. Of course someone who thinks a contract is illegal won’t enforce it.

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