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Emma Stone as Cruella

Credit: Disney


  1. Rachel

    The sad truth is, once Walt Disney’s family sold Disney to Anaheim Disney no longer cared about the people, or employees. I met the (adopted) great granddaughter of Walt Disney a few months ago, at church. She had come to a church serve Sat they do once a month to request assistance of receiving diapers. This alone goes to show, how taken advantage of this family was.

  2. Ed

    So after reading comment I just had to check. “What are Walt Disney’s Heirs Worth? It’s not known just how much the Disney family is worth. GOBankingRates estimated the company’s net worth to be roughly $130 billion. Roy O.’s grandson, Roy P., said at one point that the family owns less than 3% of the company. Even so, that would put their fortune around $3.9 billion (not counting any investments in addition to Disney holdings. .” I say let me inherit a portion of that, with me doing nothing other then being born, and then send me to just a simple school all paid for. I wonder then what I could do on my own. I’d love the chance.

  3. Megan

    I worked on Captain America 3. They don’t care about extras at all. They make you sign so many NDA’s it’s insane. You try and speak up, they sue you.

  4. Essie

    Well, her name is Tremain(e). We all know how Disney feels about that

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