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Disney California Adventure entrance at night during Halloween time at Disneyland Resort with Oogie Boogie decorations announcing the Oogie Boogie Bash

Credit: Ed Aguila


  1. Santa Claus

    I couldn’t care less about Disney. The parks are not well maintained and the staff are rude. The parks, lodging and food are very expensive. I will not support them at all and don’t want their social engineering for our children. The parks and cinema are losing money which is why they cut back on new projects. Go woke and go broke.

    1. Jor

      And yet you are here commenting. Everyone is tired of you

      1. Rational

        Disney has been grooming little children and actresses with sexualized messaging for over a decade. Numerous former child actresses have come public with their stories. This has progressed into pushing sexualized messaging into mainstream programming and movies, normalizing aberrant behavior to children. Disney started this cultural denigration, and are absurdly shocked when they received any pushback to their behavior like a spoiled child being scorned for the first time. They’ve got it coming…and more.

    2. John Jacob

      The author of this piece is a moron. Anyone that lives in Florida and is a big Disney fan knows that the trickle down affect happening with Disney Florida is because of Ronathan DeSantis (He never asked permission to use the nickname Ron with his parents) because of his crybaby antics he and his cronies are single handedly going to chase Disney to another state which will Hurt tourism big time. Universal & Seaworld alone cannot take up the slack if they leave. Just say it like it is Author, R. Deathsentence is destroying the state and Disney in the process because he’s a little (Once again) a little whiny Crybaby!

      1. Rich

        Right on.

    3. Dee_Hoss

      They go “woke” because they like money genius.

      Turns out bigotry is bad for business. Who knew? Besides anyone remotely successful that is.

      FAIL to get Woke to Broke!

    4. Nice

      Oh sweet free refills “grabs a cup of tears”

    5. Alan

      Moron blah blah blah

    6. Bobby

      I don’t worry about the pricing. It sounds like you’re broke.

    7. LiamL

      Your political loyalty is showing.

  2. John

    I truly feel that all the negative input toward Disney is from bots . It has to be . What kind of person would look at Disney in an unfavorable light besides DeSantis . He has flexed his muscles way too much since he has been governor Pretty soon we’ll be paying him to come to Disney !

    1. Shaun

      Right…. Cause everyone you disagree with are bots. Guess what, Disney park attendance is down 40 percent for the year and is only getting worse, every movie has flopped. Disney needs to take responsibility for their poor behavior.

    2. Andra

      NOPE….Go Gov. And I’m not a bot. Walt Disney is spinning in his grave.

      1. Debz

        Haha that’s funny 🤣🤣 Your so Delusional 😜

        1. Bobby

          To be fair Walt Disney was an antisemitic piece of poop. His legacy however is magical to children, so I’ll turn a blind eye.

          1. Steve

            Walt Disney was absolutely not an anti semite you liar.

      2. Liam L

        Walt Disney is spinning in his grave? If you like DeSantis, you should like Walt genius, they’re both ists. Walt just had more of an issue with Jewish folks rather than black folks.
        If you’re going to get all hot and bothered with your weird blind political loyalty, you might want to figure out what it is you want to actually say.

    3. Jake

      Most Floridians – especially Orlando residents – find Disney to be the least appealing in the list of theme parks in the state. Most Floridians find all of the theme parks to be annoying traffic inducing tourist traps.

      1. Bob

        Bull – I live in Orlando and there are tons – yes tons – of residents here that have Disney window stickers, Disney yard decorations, Disney plates. In fact they made an actual FL license plate for WDW’s 50th anniversary. Strange that they, the Florida DMV, would do that if so many Floridians hated Disney, since only Floridians could get the license plate.

    4. Ed

      Disney’s ongoing maintenance issues, combined w with a screw you attitude toward passholders, has nothing to do w DeSantis. Streaming focus has destroyed Walt’s original park vision. Part of the ORIGINAL crew. Park is sad now.

    5. jal11180

      Your comment is fitting, especially given your name.

  3. Roy

    Remember, Disney started all this by sticking their noses into politics.

    1. Dr. Manny P.

      Roy it is quiet obvious you never taken a business course at the graduate level.

      Corporations especially multi-nationals have and will always respond to political threats. Politics is intertwined in our personal and to this extension consumer and corporate lives.

      Moreover, thanks to Citizens United which was ushered in by the conservative SCOTUS money is speech even though a corporation is not a person.

      So claiming Disney should not lobby for its interests is false and incorrect in its premise.

      This is not the first time someone has uttered these words in these forums. I wish companies were not allowed to lobby our elected leaders maybe then politics would serve the people and not the money.

    2. Jorr

      The CEO made a statement on behalf of 25000 workers who live in Florida. The corporation itself doesn’t much care

    3. Dee_Hoss

      Disney has every right to voice there opinion especially when laws will adversely affect their business.

      Using government to punish a person or corporation for engaging in constitutionally protected speech. Guess we just found out who the real communists are!

      1. Jake

        That’s not what Disney is being punished for though.

    4. Debz

      Haha that’s funny 🤣🤣 Your so Delusional 😜

    5. Debz

      False claims. DeSantis had no right to do what he did. What goes around always comes back around 😜 There will be Accountability for what DeSantis illegally done. Karma will have the last say 😘

    6. CJA

      Which is Disney’s Constitutional right after the Citizens United ruling by SCOTUS. If a ‘leader’ is so thin-skinned that he cannot handle criticism without seeking retribution, then that person is no leader at all, and unworthy of position.

    7. Travis Weberling

      @ Ron, Disney had to speak out vs the Don’t say Gay law BECAUSE about half of the employees of the parks are gay, I mean between Ron wanting to enforce who uses the restrooms to wanting to revise the history of the African-Americans, he’s pissing off alot of the minorities that live, work & vote in the state. Not too smart there Ron.

  4. Mary

    Disney is not doing well financially regardless. The lack of neutrality towards political fads continues to undermine their once upon a time charm.My family will not renew their yearly passes.

  5. Alix

    When you are in a position to call out the wrongs, you are in my opinion morally and ethically obligated to stand up for what is right. Kudos to Disney standing up to not silent minority, and those who hate and judge

  6. Mike

    Disney needs to fight De Santis all the way, Disney has deeper pockets then him and soon or later the Flordia people will see where there tax money is going.

  7. Remember, DeSantis started all this by sticking his nose into Disney’s business where it didn’t belong. If Florida loses out it will be his fault. Don’t mess with the mouse!

  8. Kevin

    Free speech. But only if you agree with me. Wah wah wah. Look who calls who snowflakes. Hypocrites.

  9. Kelly Wyman

    I grew up I. Southern California just a few miles from Disneyland. We would go all the time. Not just occasionally I mean all the time. It was do magical and such a wonderful place to go. When my daughter was getting married I even had the pleasure of taking her fiance for the first time. I had disney in my blood. Now that I have grandkids I can’t i.agine taking them to Disneyland or Disney World. Since Walt Disney died Disney has stood for one thing… the almighty dollar. They have ruined everything that made Disney special and now that everything has.to be WOKE it’s made it offensive to me and my family. My family has been frequent flyers for a very long time. My grandparents had a special viewing before the grand opening. Why does Disney have to ruin such an iconic place. There are so many people out there screaming leave it alone but all they care about is a history that wants to be blotted out of the history books. The songs, the movies the way we saw the world no longer has magic for the little kids. It’s a crying shame. It’s so sad that it has ruined everyone one of my childhood memories. Go back to the magic not the politics and bank accounts. Shame shame shame.

  10. Toni

    I’ve lived in Florida for 50 years. Disney is a Florida staple. Obtuse Ron the Divider and Destroyer is another carpet bagging piece of dirt and hopefully he and his tight ass lady Macbeth wife can find someplace to screw up and leave here and let people lead the lives they choose .

  11. Andy

    If Disney doesn’t go bankrupt in a year or two. Stock price down 58% in 2 years.

    Maybe they should worry about their business instead of the Boogeyman, Ron Desanis.

  12. bob

    You do realize that would destroy Orlando, right? Are you looking to make Orlando the San Francisco of the east coast?

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