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Wondrous Journeys intro scene at Disneyland

Credit: Dominick Tabon / Flickr


  1. Chris

    Huh? Talk about false information, Halloween Screams with Fireworks literally starts tomorrow, says so on their website calendar and has been reported on the parks blog. This is the best fireworks show, hands down, there is no way they won’t run it, unless weather prevents it.

  2. Daniel Nguyen

    They can replace the fireworks with laser show.

    1. Nancy Shivers

      I live down the street from Disneyland and have lived close enough to see the fireworks my entire life. The fireworks are a staple of Disneyland. They can’t take them away. How will I know that it’s 9:40pm????

  3. Ray

    Fireworks are so Chinese lots of noise and low tech .
    Drones are the future a surreal experience where conversations can be shared and friend ships made . The smoke and smell of fireworks is repulsive .

  4. Ruth Ann Bussard

    Where did the MAGIC go?

  5. kris

    I lived in Cerritos, across the county line and a good half hour without traffic to Disneyland, for a year and a half and the fireworks actually rattled the windows. It’s time for drones! Keep the fireworks for holidays and other special occasions. If you never have seen a drone show live, you should.

  6. Steven Dallape

    To those who want drones replacing fireworks, why don’t we just get rid of Disneyland altogether and replace it with a YouTube show where we can watch what went on at Disneyland without having to go there. We can just sit in our houses and watch it without risking driving there and sitting in traffic and all those other bothersome things. That would be pretty much the same as replacing fireworks with drones!

  7. Zeke

    Somebody might want to tell Disney. Their online schedule says fireworks tonight at 9:30 in Disneyland Park.

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