Reactions Pour in After Disney World Cast Member Fired Following Viral Altercation

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An evening photo of the Cinderella Castle inside of Disney World, Magic Kingdom

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A Disney World cast member was fired after a video of her in an altercation with guests after a fireworks show went viral on social media. Disney employees were unhappy with how Disney handled the situation, as many feel that the CM in question was provoked.

Left photo: blurred out face of a Disney World cast member inside of Magic Kingdom caught on video in an altercation Right photo: Disney World cast member and her manager blurred out with Disney guests in the background Magic Kingdom
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Disney World Cast Member Gets Into Heated Altercation With Guests

A few days ago, a Disney World cast member was caught in a heated altercation with several guests inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The video was posted to social media and went viral, leading to people taking sides on who was wrong and who was provoked. Below is the video that was shared all over the internet:


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According to sources, the cast member was fired, prompting a heavily criticized reaction from current and former Disney World employees. Many felt that the CM in the video was not at fault for what took place and for what was said throughout the video. Others thought that the guests provoked her and that the entire purpose behind the video being posted in the first place was to try to get the Disney employee fired.


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Fireworks during the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party event at Disney's Magic Kingdom park
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

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In the video posted above, you can see someone responded to the first video, saying that the people responsible for posting the original video were looking to get the CM fired. The individual in the above video mentions one person against a few guests who threatened to “smash” her cart but could have stopped filming and walked to another coach and told a CM manager. The video then goes on to explain that guests need to leave cast members alone and not provoke them like the people who did in the original video.

Guests look on inside the Magic Kingdom besides the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue, Partners, at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

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Did the guests provoke her, or were they simply responding? The original video begins when we do not have the entire story. We do not know what took place before the person started recording. We do not know what led to this altercation between this CM and these Disney World guests.

We only have the original video and response videos from guests and other Disney cast members. We hope to have the entire story soon so that all the facts can be examined to determine who was actually at fault. In the meantime, please respect each other when visiting places like Disney World. A little kindness can go a long way.

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