Portions of Major Theme Park Underwater After Violent Storms

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Flooding inside of Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio

Credit: @CPFoodBlog on Twitter

Cedar Point in Northeast Ohio suffers from massive flooding following intense, violent storms that struck the area last night. Roller coasters, dining areas, and park portions are currently underwater.

Corkscrew roller coaster at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio
Credit: Cedar Point

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Cedar Point – Roller Coasters, Dining Experiences, and Portions of Park UnderWater

Last night, violent and catastrophic thunderstorms struck Northeast Ohio, bringing hail, strong winds, and extensive flooding. One of the areas that got hit the hardest was Sandusky, Ohio, home to the roller coaster capital of the world, Cedar Point.

All of Frontier area is blocked off from both directions and flooded. #CedarPoint

– @CPFoodBlog on Twitter

CPFoodBlog on Twitter is an active theme park Twitter page dedicated to bringing live updates of Cedar Point periodically throughout the week and weekend. This account provided tweets, images, and videos of today’s damages at this adored theme park.

Addition flood areas under Gemini and along Corkscrew/TT2 midway #CedarPoint

– @CPFoodBlog on Twitter

Guests ride down the drop of the coaster
Credit: Cedar Point

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Gemini, one of the oldest wooden roller coasters around, received some minor damage to the base of the coaster, as shown in the photos above. Other underwater areas include the new construction zone for Top Thrill 2, arriving in 2024. The Corkscrew roller coaster also sustained water damage as flooding filled the area after the devasting flooding and storms that struck portions of Northeast Ohio through 3 a.m. this morning. But the bits underwater did not stop there.

Iron Dragon lagoon overtopping banks onto midway. #CedarPoint

– @CPFoodBlog on Twitter

Yet another roller coaster suffered some water damage and flooding from yesterday’s storms. As shown in the photos above, the Iron Dragon roller coaster had water overflowing from the nearby bank. The same account also posted a video showing the flooding in greater detail.

CPFoodBlog also captured more footage of the flooding inside Cedar Point, as portions of a much-beloved area, typically where Halloweekends takes place, were submerged underwater.

Whoa, not sure we’ve ever seen flooding of this area. #CedarPoint

– @CPFoodBlog on Twitter

guests enjoying some cold beverages during Frontier Festival at Cedar Point
Credit: Cedar Point

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The theme park has not released any official statement on the flooding overtaking portions of the theme park. There is no word on whether or not the roller coasters currently taking in water are damaged or will need any form of extensive refurbishment.

Inside The Magic will keep a close eye on this matter as one of our native to this area in Northeast Ohio (myself, duh) and will look to enter the theme park soon to provide updates and more as information continues to pour in.

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