Adidas And Stan Smith Bring The Best Homer Simpson Meme To Your Sneaker Collection

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Yellow man backs into green bushes with eyes wide and unblinking to avoid a situation they've witnessed.

Credit: 20th Century Television/Disney

Have you ever wanted to disappear into the bushes like Homer Simpson did in one of the most hilarious and relatable scenes from The Simpsons? Well, now you can do it in style, thanks to the new Adidas Stan Smith Homer Simpson sneakers that dropped recently based don’t the infamous meme.

Just back away slowly. Photo: Fox/Disney

The Stan Smith Sneakers are a collaboration between Adidas and The Simpsons, the longest-running animated sitcom in history. The sneakers are based on the classic white Stan Smith model but with a twist; they feature a chenille heel tab that resembles the green bushes that Homer hid behind in the episode “Homer Loves Flanders” (Season 5, Episode 16). The heel tab also has an embroidered Homer face that peeks out from the bushes, just like in the scene that became a viral meme.

White shoe with green heal and homer simpsons face backing into the bushes.
The Adidas Stan Smith Homer Simpson Meme Sneaker is the perfect shoe for backing slowly out of awkward situations. Click on the photo for more details about the sneaker. Photo: Adidas

The Homer Simpson sneakers also have other details that pay homage to Homer and The Simpsons, such as his name in gold lettering on the side, his portrait on the tongue instead of Stan Smith’s, and a green insole that features the Adidas and Simpsons’ logo’s on a stitched tag. 

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The Homer Meme sneakers are part of a series of collaborations between Adidas and The Simpsons that celebrate some of the show’s most iconic characters and references. Earlier this year, Adidas released sneakers inspired by Krusty Burger, Ned Flander’s Brown Suede Shoes, Flaming Moes, and Duff Beer’s Duffman. The sneakers are a must-have for anyone Simpsons-bounding to Universal Studios.

You may not be able to get the car, “The Homer,” But at least now you can get the shoes. Click the Stans Smith kicks to buy them on StockX. Photo: Adidas

The Homer Simpson Stan Smith Adidas sneakers are now available on, StockX, eBay, and other select Adidas Originals retailers. They are perfect for expressing your personality and having fun with your footwear. They are also a great conversation starter and a way to connect with other fans of The Simpsons. You can wear them with any outfit or occasion or just keep them as a collectible item. They are also a great gift idea for anyone who loves a solid meme.

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So what are you waiting for? D’oh – n’t miss this chance to own these amazing sneakers that bring one of the best Homer Simpson memes to life. Or we might just have to Homer Simpson slowly away from you. 

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