Puma X Thundercats Sneakers Drop Lion-O and Cheetara Kicks

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Puma X Thundercats Sneaker Drop

Thundercats fans, ho! Use your “Sight Beyond Sight” to check out these PUMA x Thundercats Sneakers.

The heroic anthropomorphic cat warriors, The Thundercats, return with a brand-new shoe collection from Puma, WBD and Designer Alexander John. The beloved 80’s cartoon followed the adventures of Lion-O and his fellow Thundercats from the planet Thundera after they crash land on a strange planet and square off against the evil Mumm-ra and his followers. The PUMA x Thundercats sneakers collection features four versions of the PUMA RS-X T3CH, a futuristic sneaker combining old-school vibes and modern tech. Each pair is inspired by a different Thundercats character, with custom graphics and color wheels that capture their essence.

Puma X Thundercats Sneaker Lion-O Tygra Shoe Design
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PUMA x THUNDERCATS RS-X T3CH Thundercats: The flagship shoe of the line, the Thundercat design is interesting because the stripes on the side and spots on the tongue are more emblematic of Tygra than our fearless leader Lion-O. Regardless, the shoe is a thing of beauty for die-hard T-Cats fans.

PUMA x THUNDERCATS RS-X T3CH Cheetara: Unleash your speed with this pair of trainers that sport the fastest Thundercat Cheetara’s costume’s yellow and orange color wheel. The heel clip has Cheetara’s spots and the PUMA logo, while the side has Thundercats webbing. Any proper Cheetara bound or cosplay will need these kicks this con season. Don’t forget your bo staff!

Puma X Thundercats Cheetara Women's Sneaker Design

PUMA x THUNDERCATS RS-X T3CH Mumm-Ra: Embrace your dark side with this pair of kicks that flaunts the blue and red colors of Mumm-Ra’s “Ever-Living” form. The heel clip has Mumm-Ra’s eye and the PUMA logo, these sneakers are outfitted with plenty of references to the classic series and Mumm-Ra, including a transparent outsole with mummy details underneath. The tongue has a special tab with Mumm-Ra’s sigil.


PUMA x THUNDERCATS RS-X T3CH Panthro: Are you looking for shoes fit for the Tank of your team? These sneakers scream for the brooding and silent menace of Panthro himself and include a transparent outsole with the nunchuck-wielding panther himself printed underneath.

The PUMA x THUNDERCATS collection is available now at PUMA.com and select retailers. Pounce on these kicks while you can. Snarf!

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