Rocket Fights Stitch in Disney/Marvel Crossover

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Rocket and Stitch

Credit: Inside the Magic

Disney has legions of beloved characters in their backlogs, but that still doesn’t diminish the rare occasion where worlds collide, allowing for some truly mixed media. We’ve seen the Proud Family cross paths with Kim Possible and even Avengers meet up with Phineas and Ferb, but one project has just given fans a different sort of crossover event.

Disney animated characters
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Hardcore Disney fans have seen beloved characters mix and mingle with each other on multiple occasions, but how often do they get to see them fight? From Jedi Masters to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Disney has access to a full roster of heroes and heroines, but what would happen if they got to battle head-to-head?

Fans Simulate Stitch Vs. Rocket Raccoon

Rocket and Stitch in Death Battle
Credit: Rooster Teeth

Would Goku beat Superman? Would Predator beat Wolverine? Would Batman Beat Kevin McAllister? These are all questions fans have asked each other since the dawn of fandom, but only one source has gone to great lengths to find the victors of these hypothesized battles.

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Every week, Wiz and Boomstick of Rooster Teeth’s Death Battle run a simulation that puts characters against each other in a fight to the death. Analyzing their weapons, armor, and skills, the two hosts explore a variety of elements that make these figures of pop culture great. So what happens when they put Marvel’s renegade raccoon against Disney’s little blue troublemaker?

WARNING!: Video contains graphic content. Viewer digression advised.

There’s no denying that both Stitch and Rocket share more than a few similarities. Both are highly intelligent genetic experiments who save the world from alien threats, both have large personalities that often get them into trouble, and both (let’s face it) love a little destruction at the best of times.

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While this writer can’t say he’s absolutely thrilled that Stitch exploited Rocket’s temper and literally tore through him, it’s easy to see why he had the advantage. It’s not often we see characters like this duke it out, but that doesn’t make it any less satisfying.

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