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Sulley roaring in 'Monsters Inc.'

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  1. Lucifurion

    Of course a Disney employee would be defending them in every way possible. I’ll give you the fact that I think a lot of this truly out there QAnon stuff is absolute madness, like “adrenochrome” but powerful people trafficking in kids IS true (Epstein Island anyone?) and it’s provable fact that some Disney employees have been charged with child sex crimes. There’s a YouTube video where Sheriff Grady Judd gives a press conference to speak about pedo’s caught which includes Disney employees. Also everyone saw video of the bearded lisping pervert in a dress talking to little girls in Disney’s little Princess dress shop. PURE EVIL. Completely unacceptable to do that to little girls, I don’t care what woke side of the bed you woke up on.

    This is all provable & it’s all only a click away for anyone smart enough to use a search engine. That coupled with the fact that they’re on video claiming to want to indoctrinate little children with sexual ideologies (the infamous leaked Zoom call that’s freely available online anyone? “I was just inserting gayness everywhere I could and no one was stopping me ‘giggle giggle giggle’” You can’t fake that footage) PROVES that Disney is no friend to either children or families, and for that matter neither is anyone else who continually defends Disney and their degenerate perversity in trying to indoctrinate kids instead of just entertaining them & their families.

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