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Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Disney


  1. He’s not being asked back to any Disney film. While he may have won the “lawsuit” he secured his reputation as a strung out, alcoholic drug addict and very volatile! I doubt Disney would associate with him again.

    1. Larrylizard

      We’re You there???

    2. Larrylizard

      Let them both have their careers back

      1. Sprocket

        She doesn’t deserve it,she a lier and a drama queen.

        1. She’s got some project in Spain, lol most people can’t stand her, any movie she does will flop!

    3. Sprocket


      1. Bambi

        In this Country, “One is Innocent Until Proven Guilty.” Disney made a Colossal error in judgement. Jumped the gun, nd are paying the price $$$$$$$$ now. & Forever more!! Admit the mistake. Make it right. The Corp., Could offer Mr. Depp one Billion$ nd creative license. Along w/ a script of His choice. They’ll make back all the money nd then some!! Give Mr. Depp his dignity back – frm their end. It’d be a beginning of making amends to Mr. Depp. Personally, Disney will NEVER get another cent frm my pocket, until they make amends w/ Mr. Depp. Even then, it would only be to see Mr. Depp on-screen again. Yes, I dropped the Disney ch. Like a bad habit

        1. Susan

          Me too! I won’t even buy a Mickey Mouse popsicle!!!

    4. Roxanne

      You are so far from the truth. If you’ve ever been in a violent relationship you would know that Amber was the violent one. She is just a liar and tried to get her career off the ground. Everything she said and did was a set up. I know all too well she was not afraid of him.

    5. Bambi

      You are incorrect. Being violate is not part of his personality. He had and does admit his weaknesses, nd his mistakes. Openly and publicly. Not that it’s any of our business. Your comment lends others to believe you took the liars side, ? It’s possible. ?Maybe you just don’t care. Idk, nd Idc. I do know you’re judging someone when you have no authority and no right to Judge anybody. Not a single soul, do you have the right to Judge. Is Jesus or God Almighty hiring? No…

    6. Nan

      Is that you, Amber? Or Eve?

  2. I think I meet this gentleman yesterday. I don’t understand what this all about.

  3. Hi Kim
    How do you know that about Jonny? Do you know him?

  4. SuzieQ

    Hopefully I’ll get to see johnny depp reprise the wonderfully entertaining captain jack sparrow charactor before I’m no longer alive. Being 72 years old, Disney better hurry up!

  5. Larrylizard

    I would be wonderful to see Johnny Depp in Pirates 6 !!!

  6. Charlsie

    I think you need to go hang out with his ex- wife because it sounds like you are on her side. He may have been all of that at one point in time but now he has his life together and is doing much better than she will ever do again.

  7. Wing

    IF this is true Disney would need to do more than find the right project. And that’s a man sized IF

  8. That’s the only way that i’d ever watch it is if Johnny Depp was still in the series and a major part of it. Possibly still the Captain hopefully. Captain Jack Sparrow.

  9. John rooney

    A million Alpacas incoming…

  10. Barbara

    I personally think Johnny should keep to his word and NEVER work with Disney again as they dropped him and didn’t believe in him at his lowest . I really hope JD keeps his word .

  11. Sprocket

    At the end of the day a pirates of the Caribbean film without captain Jack sparrow is just That Not worth watching.

  12. Teresa Kocsis

    I think Disney is having problems in Florida and needs some good publicity for a change. Bringing Johnny back as the Captain would generate amazingly great publicity for Disney Worldwide right now. People are avoiding vacations in Florida right now but the whole world wants to see Capt. Jack Sparrow one more time.. And sale merchandise from the movie would be enormously lucrative for Disney…..

  13. Daniel

    Honestly I saw they were planning to remake beetlejuice I think he be amazing in that

  14. Mary

    First of all, Kim, Johnny Depp admitted to everything he was accused of, drugs, etc. He wasn’t going to admit to any abuse to that thing, or any other women because he did not do it, and we all know Kate Moss testified to that…but that thing on the other hand did not admit to anything she had done, so that makes her the liar in my opinion! And a coward.
    And I would love to see Johnny Depp come back as Captain Jack Sparrow, but after what they have done to him, they do not deserve him. He’s better off without them…

  15. Shirley Phillips

    I think Disney should work with Johnny Depp he is a great actor everybody loves the pirate movies Disney made a lot of money off of them I don’t think it’s unreasonable Johnny asking for a script that is interesting I think they are lucky that he’s agreeing to do it after everything that happened to tell the truth I am surprised he is doing it but it shows that he is trying to work with Disney he’s trying to be reasonable and I don’t think it’s being unreasonable wanting a script this interesting to do he is a great actor and Disney will make a lot of money off of it I think Disney should meet his demands that’s not being unreasonable like I said I think it’s damn lucky that Disney is getting him to do it to start with after what they put him through so get off your asses Disney and get him a good script if you want to make anything the people want to see a good movie I will definitely go and see it I love the other ones it is not being unreasonable any actor would want a good script to do I think Disney is damn lucky that he agreed to do it to start with so work with him not against him he is a great actor and it will make a lot of money the movie will

  16. Luann Simon

    Love Johnny Depp amazing man and if he’s not in the next movie pirates of Caribbean won’t pay to see it he is Capt Jack he created him can’t replace that besides he made that franchise cut him out cut most of your profits people won’t go don’t waste your money making it without him Disney you will fail. You messed up did him wrong did not believe in him your fault make it right if he will even consider coming back

  17. Kris

    I hope Depp does return because no one on the planet will go see a film without him in it big waste of money for Disney pirate movies r Johnny Depp without him forget it

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