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Daddy Pig's Roller Coaster

Credit: Peppa Pig Theme Park


  1. Rick

    Legoland and Peppa Pig are in Winter Haven not Winter Park.

  2. Darlene

    Legoland is located in Winter Haven, West of Orlando not Winter Park.

    1. Julie in winter Haven

      South of Orlando!

  3. Dean

    Wrong city! Legoland and Peppa Pig are in Winter HAVEN, Fl.

    Nice try…

  4. Chris

    Lego land is in winter haven and south of Orlando

  5. Beverly

    Lego land is in Winter Haven, Winter Park.

  6. Chasity

    It’s in Winter Haven not Winter Park.

  7. Cedric

    Leggoland is located in Winter Haven west of Orlando.

  8. Sherri McLaughlin Mincey

    Lego Land is located in Winter Haven. Not Winter Park.

  9. Darrul C

    Legoland is NOT north of Winter Park… IT is in Winter Haven… off US 27 SOUTH of of I-4 in Polk county…

  10. Ammo

    Yes Peppa is located in Winter Haven..a little southwest of Orlando on the old cite of Cypress Gardens….

  11. Willard Moseley Willard

    Thanks for local Florida news

  12. Ron

    If you are writing about theme parks , you should at least know where they are! Lego land is NOT in Winter Park. It is in Winter Haven, a good ways south of Orlando.

  13. Corey

    Legoland is not in Winter Park, north of Orlando. Legoland is in Winter Haven, southwest of Orlando.

  14. Rz

    Legoland is not north of Orlando in Winter Park. Get your info correct. It’s in Winter Haven.

  15. JCast

    I think you mistakenly wrote that Legoland is in Winter Park. It is in Winter Haven which is south west of Orlando

  16. Merari Quiles

    Thank you for sharing your story but the park is in Winter Haven, Fl, not Winter Park, Fl

  17. Dave Reams

    It appears you have been properly corrected on Central Florida’s geography. One is left to wonder if the recent prominently announced fracture of a support of a mega ride at a park elsewhere has prompted close scrutiny by parks nationwide, resulting in discoveries that caused temporary closures for maintenance/repairs.

  18. Al

    LEGOLAND Florida resort is in Winter Haven, just south west of Orlando. Not North in Winter Park. It’s also not in Winter Springs, Winter Garden, or Windermere…central Florida might have a favorite season…

    1. Traci

      I was thinking the same thing! Lol

  19. Traci

    Legoland is actually located SouthEast of Orlando in Winter Haven, Florida.

    1. Traci


  20. Blake Pace

    My family has had Annual Passes at LegoLand for eight years. We visited Peppa Pig Theme Park opening week. We had fun, although my kids have outgrown the age target for this park.

  21. Stephanie

    I have visited and live very close – however I would fact check before you run news – Legoland is south of Orlando in Winter Haven – NOT north and in Winter Park

  22. Bruce Gillett

    LEGOLAND is not in Winter Garden north of Orlando. It is near Winter Haven, 30+ miles southwest of Orlando. I am surprised that a theme park addict wouldn’t know that.

  23. Ann miller

    Why what has happen for them to close so suddenly

  24. Anonymous

    The park is in Winter HAVEN, south of Orlando. Not Winter Park.

  25. Ken

    Legoland is NOT in Winter Park, it is in Winter Haven.

  26. William

    Pretty sure this closure was announced the day before, not two hours before opening. It’s not as dramatic as all that

  27. Br

    Who wrote this? The meat of the story is buried in paragraph “22”!

  28. Spin

    I didn’t even know this theme park existed!

  29. Alice Savage

    Chloe James, Peppa pig and Legoland are in Winter Haven not Winter Park.

  30. Dave

    Dah you didn’t edit correctly
    Winter Park FL is not where Legoland is located ….

  31. Anonymous

    Legoland is in Winter Haven, not Winter Park. Winter Haven isn’t north of Orlando either….it is Southwest.

  32. Ruth

    Not winter park!!!

  33. Lived in central Florida for over 25 years. Born in Florida and lived for a time in South Florida. But I cannot for the life of me keep Winter Haven, Winter Garden and Winter Springs straight either. And even if you do get it right, I will probably STILL remember it wrong.

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