Guest Contracts Flesh-Eating Disease at Disneyland

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Disneyland Resort is The Happiest Place on Earth. Consisting of two Theme Parks, the Downtown Disney District, and multiple Disney Resort hotels, the Southern California Disney Park is a dream vacation destination for families worldwide! But Disneyland memories aren’t so magical for some Guests.

TikToker @yoppoppo recently shared their story of contracting a slow-onset flesh-eating disease during a week-long school trip to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. The then-fifteen-year-old flew from Canada to Anaheim for a band competition but left with necrotizing fasciitis

In three videos, the 23-year-old explained that it all began when their tour group headed to Space Mountain. There was nobody in line, so they hopped the chains to save time:


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“We’re not going to walk through like a kilometer of empty line,” the Guest said. “We’re just going to jump over the chains. I end up scraping my leg. It’s like the size of a paper clip. It’s right on the bottom of my chin, above my ankle, and I literally don’t think anything of it.”

The TikToker joked that, in retrospect, Space Mountain breaking down while they were on it was a bad omen.

“The next day, we do the band performance; we kick *ss. I’m fine,” they continued. “We go back to Disneyland, having a great time, my leg is starting to hurt, but it’s okay… I’m walking a lot more than I usually do, so of course, my leg’s going to hurt.”

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At this point, the Guest confided in a friend about their leg pain. The pair notified a chaperone about the injury, but the Guest lied about their pain out of fear of ruining the trip.

Days went by, and their symptoms worsened. During their final band performance, the Guest collapsed and crawled off stage. They were pale, feverish, sweaty, and delusional after days of throwing up every time they tried to eat.


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The principal called a taxi to take the teenager to the hospital, hoping to avoid expensive American ambulance costs.

“I am literally kicking and screaming like a rabid animal, trying to keep people from putting me into the taxi,” they said. “I was so unbelievably terrified.”

But their hospital experience was less than stellar. They were forced to wait an hour in the emergency room, despite being “borderline unresponsive.”

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“A nurse comes in, and she cuts my pants off so that they can see the leg, and the cut that was the size of a paperclip is now about the size of my entire hand,” the Guest explained. “It’s just on my leg, and it’s open, and it’s weeping, and it’s bad.”

Unfortunately, the doctor refused to look at the wound. She prescribed medication and discharged the young patient, who then flew home to Canada as their illness worsened. But upon arriving home, they realized they could no longer walk.


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“I couldn’t take my pants off because my pants were glued to my leg,” the TikToker said of the moment their parents rushed them back to the hospital.

“They took one look at my le,g and they admitted me, and teams of doctors started pouring in, which is always a good sign,” they quipped.

Two guests watch the fireworks at Disneyland.
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Doctors concluded that a flesh-eating bacteria made its way into the teenager’s scrape at Disneyland Resort. (Though, for “legal reasons,” the TikToker emphasizes that they have no proof of that accusation.)

“I was on eleven different antibiotics at once, and then they slowly started taking me off them over the course of two weeks,” they concluded before showing their healed leg scar. “I was two centimeters away from getting my leg amputated.”

Have you ever gotten sick at Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort? Share your experience with Inside the Magic in the comments.

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks Guest experience. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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