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Mickey and friends at Hong Kong Disneyland

Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland


  1. Susan Farrell

    While I do appreciate the writer’s experience on the subject of all things related too Disney’s parks, I find it a bit disturbing that she would compare a category 8 Typhoon as (a hurricane).
    It is almost as if she is trying too make light of a serious situation.
    Having seen first hand the devastation of a category 5 hurricane that tore through Homestead, Florida I could not begin to imagine what Disney Orlando would have looked like if it were in its path.
    So imaging them riding out a category 8 Typhoon with Buisness as usual is not something they , or any same person would be expected too do.

  2. Francisca

    Disney has been part of lives while growing up make believe beautiful stories Olaf Bambi goofy Mrs Mary Poppins so many many delightful characters this are all part of our lives that we enjoyed for so many years how can we forget all this memorable moments magic was children dreams come true

  3. Emerald Jade

    We are in the last days and inclement crazy weather is happening everywhere. I believe it’s the best thing to do for the Hong Kong area safety wise. The same thing would be done elsewhere under dangerous weather conditions. It’s sad and unfortunate but we are in perilous times.

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