DC’s R-Rated ‘Justice League’ Hopes to Inspire James Gunn

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The DC Universe has been split into live-action and animated ventures for many years. Though they have not yet crossed, James Gunn made it a point to announce that his DCU would be combining both into a symbiotic universe. While at San Diego Comic-Con, we had the chance to interview the producer for DC’s R-rated Justice League: Warworld, and he revealed to us how he hopes to inspire the upcoming DCU reset.

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The DC animated universe has produced a wealth of fan-favorite ventures dubbed the Tomorrowverse. Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2020) kicked things off for this animated universe. The animated film focused on an origin story for Superman, which seems him dealing with more extraterrestrial threats like Lobo.

Joining Superman: Man of Tomorrow are Justice Society: World War II (2021), Batman: The Long Halloween (2021), and Legion of Super Heroes (2023). DC is back with a new R-rated venture in the Tomorrowerse, Justice League: Warworld.

Warworld follows Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as they are kidnapped and taken to a world where gladiator-based combat is the will of the planet. They must form a union to escape and liberate the planet in which they are imprisoned.

While at San Diego Comic-Con, we got to sit down with the writers and director of this new violent DC venture.

‘Justice League: Warworld’ Hopes to Usher in James Gunn’s DC

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While at the San Diego Comic-Con press interview for Justice League: Warworld, we sat down with the film’s producer, James Krieg. Naturally, we wanted to ask how the Tomorrowverse can inspire and turn into the upcoming James Gunn-led DCU reset.

We asked Kreig if there was a chance that the Tomorrowverse would lead into the upcoming animated ventures that James Gunn has planned for his DCU reset.

Kreig states, “I think the movies yet to come, post-Tomorrowverse, will reflect the James Gunn universe. I hope”

This is interesting, considering that Krieg is helping build an animated DC universe that can directly inspire or reflect what James Gunn is already making. “Maybe when he sees these, he will fall so in love with them, and more importantly, my specific work that he will want to keep extending them on and on,” Kreig added.

Though we imagine that James Gunn has his own direction and stories in mind, it would be good for the new DCU CEO to look back at past animated ventures to find a semblance of direction to take. The DC animated field has been talked about plenty amongst fans of the beloved comic continuity.

With the more adult nature of the Tomorrowverse films, it could also help Gunn to try and see how the more violent DC films have faired and how he can model his own upcoming slate for DC. We know that Lobo has been a rumored character that Gunn has spoken about bringing into his DCU reset, and should that character be animated at first, he can look at how he was portrayed in Superman: Man of Tomorrow.

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For fans who want to see what DC has been doing on the animated front, Justice League: Warworld releases digitally and Blu-ray on July 25.

Do you want to see James Gunn blend in more adult action in the DCU animated films? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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