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Dwayne Johnson as John Hartley in 'Red Notice'

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  1. Mike

    It’s DJ’s it’s James Gunn’s fault for destroying the Snyderverse that fans a looking for. DJ want to bring back Superman Henry Cavill because that’s what the fans want and what the current DC management are doing is disregarding the very people that pays movie they wanted to watch. New management are egostic and only looking for someone the blame. It’s DC management’s fault and stupidity for not giving what the fans really want. Of course fans wanted to see Black Adam and Superman clashing! It would be cool! But what James Gunn did? He didn’t just ignored the fans but crashed what they hoping for to happen! They don’t like Snyderverse because they felt they can do better but failed to impress the fans. What they did to impress? The fans who was built under the JL artists, which they fired anyway.

  2. Dennis

    Whenever an actor throws his ego around and figures it’s more important than the movie they’re producing, that’s a recipe for disaster. Why they gave so much for Dwayne Johnson to destroy is unimaginable. Shows what an ego can do when uncontrolled.

  3. T

    Wait a min. DC was on its way down way before Mr. Johnson. Have you forgotten Batman vs. Supernan, the best thing in that movie was Wonder Woman. So lets not blame him . So the first WW and Aquaman movies were a success but that doesn’t make the DCEU successful it makes it lucky.

  4. Bill

    Dwayne Johnson is in all respects, a cartoon character in real life. You’d think he’d fit right in. It really is time for him to lose 100 pounds, get the tattoos removed, grow some hair, and act like a normal human. Probably too much to ask.

  5. Kelly

    Keeping Ezra and Amber, terrible CGI and scripts, and trying to copy Marvel too much (instead of playing up their strengths) is what is wrong with WB. They should have done Man of Steel 2 a long time ago instead of batman v superman. It’s not Rocks fault. It started with Birds of Prey.

  6. Arch

    That’s a lie! The DCU was already on life support because of the lying WB executives. The lied to Henry Cavill. Put out propaganda to slander the Rock. Lied about Black Adam. Saying it was a flop when in fact it made 400 million. The Snyderverse wasn’t perfect but it had something significant to grow with. And it had the perfect Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

  7. Anna

    His Ego and desire for personal gain led to his failure and that of WB as going over someone’s head re: chain of command typically never ends up well for the person doing such.

  8. Cameron McElroy

    Oh dear no! The Walt Disney Company needs to be replaced with Non Disney Film Company at some point in the future!

    1. Louis

      It infuriates me no end when I read this about Black Adam. The movie broke even, making a ton more money than expected. Shazam flopped because it lost its child like innocence – you can only play that card once. Birds of Prey was laughable. A great streaming movie, but not much else.

      The problem was WB acting too slowly. They should have made MoS2 before Bats Vs Supes. Although, again, the extended version of this film was much better. As was the Justice League Snyder Cut. The Flash has plenty of good things going for it, but should have included all the WW and Henry Cavil scenes. It also should have never used deep fake on those classic DC cameos. Disrespectful

  9. I thought the black Adam was good not bad , l thought superman showing up was great . I think there was some envy there for Johnson and what he was doing . We will see if the new movies are better.

  10. Jonathan

    We do realize the Rock is just an actor right, he’s a charismatic dude but only had one movie in the DCU that took over a decade to get made and has nowhere near the clout people are trying to make it out. WB has been infighting and changing whoever is at the helm so many times it’s created poor product. This recent science experiment is no different. After seeing Shazam and the flash the injection of potty humor and cartoony effects aren’t what a lot of people who enjoyed the tone of the previous movies are looking for. Blame bad writing and bad stories, even bad special effects but making the Rock a scapegoat is just silly and desperate.

  11. Lamel W.

    The Rock didn’t ruin DC movies. Bad marketing, bad release dates and no continuity did that! Who would put a new movie up against a franchise sequel? Black Adam vs. Black Panther 2 was bound to fail. DC needs to pick a lane and stick with it.

  12. ccb

    shut up

  13. Mike Mack

    The Rock to blame…hell no. DCU started this whole thing when they approached Rock like 15 years ago when he was FanCast as Black Adam. They kept stringing him along making promise after promise telling him they need to establish others first to make his impact memorable. The DCU is to blame for their indecision and budget cuts of previous movies. Filming Superman movies in the same dark tone of Batman movie same dark camera filter. Superman is sun and light not gloom. Telling Aflec he had character control and directorial freedom then pulling pulling it off him once he did the second movie for the DCU. Look at what they replaced the amazing character scenes of Snyder with. You can’t blame Rock for that. You can’t blame Rock for asking for a more serious Shazam when even the cast was saying in Shazam 2 he should have acted more grown up It woul have trended better and Black Adam would have mattered. Rock read the Shazam 2 script and could see where they kept the character. He wanted change for the better. And so did the Board that let him ask for Henry Cavill..our Superman. So Rock getting heat for the DCU failures is just crazy.

  14. Mike

    Oh boy

  15. Fatphallus

    The Rock is a pile of sticks.

  16. Mark

    Very poor reporting. Johnson wasn’t soley responsible for DCEU failure. He appeared in one movie. There were many other movies he didn’t appear in that also flopped. As Marvel’s only recent success (excluding spiderman) was with Gunn’s Guardians, I wouldn’t bet against DCEU under Gunn being the dominant super hero franchise.

  17. Tom

    Johnson isn’t the problem, woke stupidity is the problem. Showing The Flash when Ezra Miller is a known groomer wasn’t going to fly, should’ve canned it and then moved on. If DC (and Marvel) are serious about turning around their businesses then the answer is easy… stop with the woke nonsense and just make good movies. (And don’t showcase groomers.)

  18. Joe

    Disney based website throws shade on D.C. Who would have guessed! 🤣

  19. Lorenzo Bell

    This Dwayne Johnson hate is going nowhere. the man had a movie that over 400 million. now you care about a budget? he will still make movies, he is still a mega star. And trying to get rich hate on him is a waste of time.

  20. Skalamanga

    James gunn is destroying dc with his insistence on rebooting everything instead of working with the assets already in place.

  21. Gregory

    Batman,Superman,and Wonder Woman were the only 3 movies that were good. The story, graphics and some of the acting ruined the rest after those three.

  22. LiQuiDM3tH

    Another story based on opinions with no fact. Just a kid writing about his jealousy towards successful people and pretending it’s real news.

  23. Koren

    One actor didn’t ruin anything. There wasn’t much to ruin. Johnson should have been in Shazam 2 in at least some part, but that’s not the problem.
    The problem is the DCEU had no real direction. They wanted Infinity War and Endgame without any of it being earned, and they did not care about inconsequential nonsense like character buildup, or universe building.
    Man of Steel should have been followed up with a Batman movie that could have ended where BvS began. Wonder Woman’s origin could have been explored next, so we could see what kind of woman she was and why she disappeared so long. Then have your BvS. And then have a Flash movie, a Cyborg movie (or at least introduce his character somewhere), show us who Aquaman is, maybe even give us a Darkseid movie. And then Justice League. The way Batman cobbled a team together with barely any effort was nonsensical. The little video introductions in BvS made no sense for the next characters. It had no direction because WB could only see dollar signs, not heart.

  24. Jon doe

    Billion dollar franchise destroyed? It had the *potential* for that… like any super hero of comic book franchise has before it actually becomes one. If another actor ruins iron man after downey jr and it stops making money then and only then it’s destroyed. But black adam never became one in the first place

  25. Modulok

    Your post is just absurd. DC movies have been failing way before Black Adam came out. And the movies that have indeed come out after Black Adam have failed on their own merits. You really think ignoring the fans and keeping a piece of garbage like Ezra Miller was going to breath life into DC? And yeah, WB did a great job bringing in James Gunn to lead DC. Sure, let the guy whos movies have also failed take rain of a failing franshise. WB constantly ignores the fans to do exactly the opposite and they expect to triunph? Please!

  26. Dave

    DC was flopping long before DJ got involved.. Trying lay the blame at his feet is hilarious….

  27. gmk2311

    To say that an actor over ruled all the producers and writers and execs is just stupid.
    If anything, Johnson helped a lackluster, barely treading franchise with his vision and presence.
    Snyderverse was always a snoozer and now that
    they have Gunn, the one responsible for the barely watchable (I’m being kind) Guardians 2 movie fully in charge, the franchise is sure to take a steep nosedive into oblivion.
    Can’t wait to see this car wreck occur in slow motion over the next 5 yrs or so.
    DC universe like Marvel, thinks they have a bunch of properties to exploit. They don’t . They both have properties that are worth something, like Batman and Spiderman and they have properties that are virtually worthless like blue beetle and SheHulk.
    The real travesty is rebooting their popular properties over and over and over and over again.
    In addition, they’ve opened up these multi-verses which no one can follow and cease to even care about.
    They no longer have any continuity in either universe and the only consequences for actions within any of these universes is that the fans are shunning the silliness.
    of the whole thing .

  28. Ang

    OMG…its so tiring to hear about an actor destroying a franchise such as DC and Marvel..honestly it’s the new regime of producers etc…that has come in and making all these changes, getting rid of the best actors and actresses; hell all the actors and actresses that has left or they are letting go made the franchises undeniably great and worth going to see..but without DJ, Scarlett, Chris E, and my all time favorite Robert Downey Jr..the Franchise will be shaky as hell

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