Two Disney Theme Parks Are Bringing Back Priority Pass

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Bringing back Priority Pass at Disney

Credit: Disney

Blending Disney with heat stroke, blisters, or general impatience is not magic. That’s exactly why bringing back Priority Pass is such exciting news for two Disney theme parks.

If you haven’t heard about bringing back Priority Pass, it’s likely because the original was less than a raging success. FastPass was once a thing of theme park legend. A proverbial golden ticket to the front of the line. Now that’s imagination.

Bringing back Priority Pass for two Disney theme parks
Credit: Disney

The only problem? Nothing other than the fine print. In reality, everyone used the service and caused visitor dismay, irritation, and a complete inverse of the desired reaction. Disney scrapped the idea in favor of a new, rebranded Priority Pass.

Once upon a time, if you can believe it, a FastPass had users wanting to pay over $150  for certain features. Not exactly the spirit of inclusion and fairness that Disney puts forth into the world. The laissez-faire takes that make the world easier for the wealthy would probably have Robin Hood in a massive upset.

Scene from Robin Hood as Disney is bringing back Priority Pass
Credit: Disney

Thankfully, the virtues of accessibility and inclusion took the cake. Not everywhere can access Priority Pass, but the lucky visitors that do are have plenty of ways to save time and make a trip more enjoyable, whether alone or for the whole family. So who’s the lucky winner?

'Toy Story' attraction as Disney is bringing back Priority Pass
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Tokyo Disney’s Bringing Back Priority Pass

Two Disney theme parks in Japan are taking priority, so to speak, as Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are both bringing back Priority Pass. Bringing back a Priority Pass might seem odd, especially since the park is operating steadily. But, if the Tokyo heat waves predicted this summer have anything to say about it, guests are likely to rely on the efficiency it offers.

Disney bringing back Priority Pass at these two Tokyo Disney theme parks likely indicates that the point of diminishing return has passed. Good news for any Disney fan taking a vacation in Japan, it’s a chance to see more. Do more. Ride more. Experience more.

So for anyone who hates lines, or just wants an easier day at the theme park, the premier access feature is a (likely) beneficial investment. Yet one question remains: is this just another attempt to create a class system, reminiscent of the old, not new Cinderella? All we can do is wait and see how the masses react to the opportunity and go from there.

What are your thoughts about bringing back Priority Pass? Worth the extra or an over-saturated concept? Share your wisdom with Inside the Magic in the comments below!

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