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Tiana's Bayou Adventure Gets Massive New Upgrade at Disney

Credit: Inside The Magic / Disney


  1. Aron

    I still think it was a bad idea and is a bad idea for Disney to keep removing material with past issues. People need to know history in order to learn from its mistakes not ignore it as human behavior tends to repeat itself. Complete nonsese

  2. Andy

    I’ll still be singing Pretty good sure as you’re born and zipadee do dah whenever I ride it

  3. M

    Let’s just cut to the chase. It sucks. No one wanted this re-theme and Disney is gonna find out.

  4. Rob

    Disney lovers will forever see how replacing splash mountain was Disney way of pushing racism. Very sad

  5. Elizabet

    What an insult to a Disney Princess. Tiana gets a second hand recycled attraction in Frontierland. The time period is displaced . It doesn’t t fit the Frontierland time frame. What is a 1930 ‘s ride doing in the Wild West. If Disney wanted to pay homage to Princess Tiana for diversity sake she should be allowed in with the other Princess in Fantasyland with her own ride . Not given a reboot attraction where it deviates from Walt Disney strict theme ing to specific Lands. To me this is just a quick fix to get rid of Splash Mountain and include diversity without respect and honorable intention.

  6. RickTR

    A water tower is a “beautiful, new addition”?

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