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Carrie Fisher with Han Solo and Din Djarin

Credit: Inside The Magic


  1. Michael Moore

    Simply No! That guy doesn’t even look like or act like Han.
    That’s why the movie flopped!
    Woody Harrelson stole that movie. And the meeting of Chewy and Han was way to lackluster. Don’t ruin Star Wars anymore than they have.
    Get original, quit riding on Lucas’ work.

  2. sfcpres

    Based on early reports it sounds like they’re killing Indiana Jones without literally doing it. But I thought that after Crystal Skull.

    1. Dave

      They should bring back young indy

  3. Cory

    If as long as they keep that evil twit Kathleen Kennedy hands off the project it should work

    1. Dave

      She’s the one who truly ruined star wars

  4. Bob

    Well, sadly, one is dead and the other is close.
    You can’t CGI them forever.

  5. Julieanne

    Love them Han 💕 and Leia they are part of Star Wars you can’t leave them out! So use new actor’s

  6. Dash

    Actually excited for this as much as I love the original performers

  7. If its not CGI reface tech the only actor id be ok playing the role of Solo is Anthony Ingruber who looks like Ford. ALDEN doesn’t.

    This isnt for debate Alden doesnt sound or look like Ford. Period.

    The movie Solo only went to show how the Fans rejected Alden being cast. Also hes a horrible actor. And hes too old looking to play Ford as he would be 35 or so when production takes place.

    The show is set up to be years after JEDI. So they need to have older actors not younger than Ford was during his intro in Ep 4 A New Hope.

    If this bringing back Alden
    Happens ill not watch. As a life long fan (i was born in 1977 and have body art to show my fandom.) I think DISNEY Needs to stop pissing on the Legacy of Star Wars and pissing us fans off with this bantha PooDoo.

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