Massive New ‘Star Wars’ Video Game Revealed

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Upcoming 'Star Wars Outlaws' Video Game Release

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As if open-world games weren’t exciting enough, the Star Wars video game business just dropped a huge announcement about its jaw-dropping upcoming addition to the franchise.

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In a joint effort between Microsoft and Ubisoft, the Star Wars video game, Outlaws, is slated to be the first of its type. Gearing up for a release in 2024, the company just dropped a teaser trailer. It provides an introduction to the main character and offers a bit of backstory for the character.

Set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the game centers around a tricky subject: smuggling. Released during the Xbox Games Showcase, the clip shows a smuggler fighting for her safety and struggling to survive.

In essence, the game is about that one fateful mission that determines the fate of Kay, and her friend, the alien Nix. The call to adventure lies in a compatriot smuggler who provides an opportunity. Within the gameplay, fans get to be a smuggler, offering a unique perspective for those on the side of “the force”.

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The game is exciting for any fan of the Star Wars video game endeavors or the overall franchise. In the words of its main character, Kay, “The underworld shows no mercy, but it’s a big galaxy out there, and I’m going to risk it all.”

And in a world of competitive gaming and an ever-changing industry, that’s almost what Lucasfilm is doing. But with a slow-burning buildup toward the big release, it’s got fans curious and looking for more.

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From comic books to movies and everything in between, the Star Wars franchise has a hand in every cookie jar. If the new release lives up to the hype, Lucasfilm is prepped to corner the gamer market next.

What do you think about the new Star Wars video game? Too far out there or potentially something great? Let Inside the Magic hear your thoughts in the comments down below!

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