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Tom Holland as Spider-Man, Across the Spider-Verse background edit

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  1. Joetuesday420

    Really they need to stop with these political messages and let kids live their lives. It’s should really be about protecting all kids not trans kids. We need to protect our kids from this push to change who they are to fit some kind of sick agenda. If they grow up and want to pretend to be some other gender then at that point they can do what they want but they really need to stop forcing it because most children are happy with the way they are. That’s until some loser tries to convince them that all their problems will go away if they just remove their genitals.

    1. Exactly bro I agree with you god made two genders be that gender. Changing your gender is a sin against God. For all you haters out there read the Bible and see for yourself.

      1. Mike

        Having sex before marriage is a sin against God also.
        Are you going after the fornicators? Or how about greedy people? What are you doing to stop the greed that is destroying the country?

    2. Lightborn

      Or you could just make an effort to know what tou’re talking about.

    3. Reality Check

      Please stop being an ignorant fool. This is not how the world works. No one is telling kids there problems will go away if they change their genitals. Trans kids exist, just like homosexual kids exist.
      You pretending that they do not is harmful to them, as trans and homosexual youth have among the highest rates of suicide in the world. Protect Trans Kids so they can be kids, not bullied or told they are freaks for not confirming to what people like you think they should be.

    4. Mike

      Not hating trans kids, is not the same as pushing kids to be trans. My parents didn’t raisee to hate trans or gay people. Guess what? I’m neither.
      Stop with the ignorance. Just because your are scared you are gonna bang a dude, doesn’t mean everyone is as confused as you.

  2. faackanders2

    I didn’t note anything in spiderverse movies, but the first was easier to follow along than the second.

  3. Puma59

    Thank you so much for publishing this unecessary non-story.

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