Pixar Makes Poorly Timed Mistake, Slammed for “Bad Taste”

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Fire and Water in Disney's 'Elemental'

Credit: Disney

The latest Pixar film, Elemental, will be released next week but it’s already been the subject of some quiet controversy.

ember and wade in pixar movie elemental
Credit: Disney

The studio has done little to promote the movie, with many fans saying they’re tired of Pixar’s seemingly “copy-paste” formula. Many compared it to Zootopia (2016), saying that the story seems to be exactly the same. Others decried its “lazy” worldbuilding and Pixar’s habit of using anthropomorphized characters, claiming that after several decades, it’s becoming old. Now, the animation studio is receiving backlash for a poorly timed Tweet in wake of the wildfires rocking parts of Canada and affecting much of the north-east United States.

new york city skyline: shot of the smoke from the california wildfires in new york, june 7, 2023
Credit: EarthCam

Similar to previous gags, Pixar released a series of Elemental movie posters that are parodies of existing Pixar films, including “Burning Red” (Turning Red), “Wave” (Moana), “Wind-E” (Wall-E), and “Soil” (Soul). However, the Tweets were posted yesterday, with the “Burning Red” poster including a photo of Ember and the caption “Unleash your wildfire side with this Burning Red poster straight from Element City!”

Ember and Wade stand next to each other in Disney Pixar Elemental.
Credit: Disney Pixar

The post was quickly taken down in light of the wildfire situation, but fans were quick to jump on it. Screenshots of the original post were shared by @kirawontmiss with the caption “LMFAOOO pixar deleted the tweet.” They also shared a comment made on the original post before it was deleted, saying, “this gotta be the worst time to post this tweet LMAOO.”

User @so_torious commented “I thought it was done on purpose, it was too topical” while @CFCMarkz replied “the fact that they did it so this shit can have more attention.” It should be pointed out that Turning Red takes place in Toronto, Canada, while the wildfires are burning in Quebec and Ottawa, making the post hit a little too close to home for some fans.

Disney and Pixar’s “Elemental” Wade (R) Ember (L)
Credit: Disney Pixar

Other comments blasted Pixar’s poor marketing of the movie, from its lack thereof to its “missed the mark” social media posts. It’s already expected to be a box-office fail, especially on the heels of The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) breaking records. It’s causing many fans to wonder: is Pixar on its way out?

What do you think about the Pixar tweet: poorly timed or just marketing? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments below.

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