Disney Pixar’s ‘Elemental’ Leaves Viewers at a Loss

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Fire and Water from Disney Pixar's Elemental

Fire and Water from Disney Pixar's Elemental | Credit: Disney

Disney Pixar’s Elemental premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, leaving viewers with mixed sentiments. It’s no secret that Pixar’s put out some amazing content that defies expectations. Up! showed that elders can be heroes. Finding Nemo and Finding Dory highlight the values of persistence, and transcend generations. So what happened with Disney Pixar’s Elemental? 

Many things about Disney Pixar’s Elemental received excellent notes in terms of its creative animation and valuable story opportunity. The film’s replete with powerful scenes that depict the main Ancient Greek elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Reviews indicate that while it starts with a clever idea, it created a universe rather than a compelling story.

Disney • Pixar | Elemental | Only in theaters June 16 | movie poster
Disney • Pixar | Elemental | Only in theaters June 16 | movie poster | Credit: Disney                 

It begs the question: what went wrong with Disney Pixar’s Elemental? The consensus is that the film lacked humor, iconic of the laugh-and-cry idea that supports Pixar films. It used excessive sentiment to potentially contribute to gender stereotyping, such as the interactions between fire and water.

The level of intensity it puts into the romance left many critics dismayed. It tugs on all the right strings: refugee struggles, identity crises, and the ever-present love line, but it falls short. Elemental appears to miss the one key component of any powerful animation: inspiration.

"Elemental" screenshot/Pixar
“Elemental” screenshot/Pixar | Credit: Disney

Instead of leaving spectators awed and emotional, the tone of the movie lets down the essence of all four elements. What could’ve been a powerful show about the value of balance instead flatlined. What might have inspired viewers to pursue self-betterment and honesty simply appears as a trite representation of those virtues. Basically, the initial views on Disney Pixar’s Elemental aren’t perfect—but it was just released. As for its broader cultural impact, only time will tell.

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