New ‘Indiana Jones’ Location Opens at Disney Theme Park

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Images of Indiana Jones bar and other iconography

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The new Indiana Jones location invites all of the franchise’s (of age) fans to imbibe new thematic culinary experiences. But it’s more than just the standard fare. The new Indiana Jones spot has a focus: Dial of Destiny.

Done as a pop-up resto, the area features clever twists on the menu, ideal for a quick break from fast-paced Disneyland adventures. The non-alcoholic L’Atlantique Green tea uses blood-red pomegranate and other ingredients to reference the upcoming show.

So why the focus on Indiana Jones? Bar none, the cause lies in an upcoming movie: Dial of Destiny. Premiering on June 30, the buzz just keeps growing about this addition to the popular franchise. Rumor has it, this is the last installment of the iconic series. An Indiana Jones location is a great way to promote the spirit of classic Disney through food and drink—with a modern twist.

Indiana Jones bar opens and this is one of the posters for the movie it promotes
Credit: Disney

With the new Indiana Jones location, fans get a taste of ‘Giant Bacon for All Mankind’. Chocolate-covered bacon in a glass? The smoky cocktail comes close to the appetizers, each cleverly named reference like the Charter Flight or the less-clever Marche Stuffed Dates and Figs.

Indiana Jones Location Opens Before Movie Release

Den of Destiny Menu - Hollywood Studios | 'Indiana Jones' bar
Credit: Disney

The pop-up location is open until August 15, giving visitors two choices. One’s going to the Indiana Jones location for some drinkable immersion before the film. Dare you to risk the spoilers that ‘The Adventuress Margarita’ cocktail may hold?

Option two is to wait and see the new Indiana Jones addition firsthand. Then, when sipping away on ‘The Weathered Fedora’ and its mysterious flavors, movie references can flow as easily as the hints of vanilla and cinnamon. Whether the film holds up is yet to be told, but the refreshments are a fun way to find out.

Indiana Jones bar opens as the franchise gains traction ahead of new release
Credit: Disney

No matter how many rides you hit or how well you plan, hunger and thirst come first. Disney always brings the opportunity for new ways to explore fan-favorite franchisesIndiana Jones has been a staple for so long, from rides to movies.

Now, with a fun twist on food and drink, the Indiana Jones location gives fans a chance to unwind Jones-style.

So, are you going to hit the Indiana Jones pop-up before or after the movie? Careful for spoilers, please! And let Inside the Magic hear your take in the comments below. 

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