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Neo-Nazis protesting outside of Walt Disney World

Credit: @shannonrwatts on Twitter/Inside the Magic


  1. Courtney

    Absolutely appalling!!!

    1. Danny

      Fact check what you read the reports should be banned

  2. John

    The reporters that report these stories gaslight the so called reporter makes it sound like descant is has something to do with this knowing he does not! Horrible reporter!

    1. Denise

      Why get pissy with the reporters reporting news? Why not the ones promoting the hate? Don’t think backwards!

    2. Jerry

      Dgghon’t believe for a second that DeSantis is not involved. He is in it up to his neck.

  3. Paula

    Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump have ruined this Country. I am absolutely disgusted with their arrogance and smug know it all attitude. They both need to go away. DeSantis has ruined Florida and Trump has destroyed the United States. 😡😡

    1. Lee

      Please look at your buddy Biden. Actually he is destroy the world.

    2. Susan Edwards


      1. Brian Johnson

        The left is always making something out of nothing.

    3. Denise

      Why get pissy with the reporters reporting news? Why not the ones promoting the hate? Don’t think backwards!

    4. Denise

      Why get pissy with the reporters reporting news? Why not the ones promoting the hate? Don’t think backwards!

    5. Cleopatra

      Agree 100%

    6. Annette

      John, it sounds like you’re the one drinking too much of the kool-aid and supporting such actions!

    7. Lin


  4. Paula


  5. Paula

    DeSantis has ruined Florida and Trump has ruined the United States

    1. Cleopatra

      Agree 100%!!

    2. Dan F.

      Are you better off today than you were 3 years ago ??? Or do you like inflation and $4 gas, high interest rates, empty shelves ???
      Paula, (as I was told in basic training) Grab you left ear with your left hand, grab your right ear with you right hand, and gently but firmly….PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A$$ !!!

      1. Marion

        I don’t know where you live; but nowhere around me has empty shelves in stores – every grocery store is fully stocked as are Wal-Mart and Target. I paid $3.09/gal for gas – nowhere around me is gas $4/gallon. But since the price of gas was under $2/gal during a lot of President Obama’s term – your use of that metric must mean that you were a full-throated supporter of him, right?

  6. Dawn Keibals

    I bet that guy with the megaphone is a blast at parties.

  7. Vicki

    Just too crazy!!
    And very sad

  8. Joycce

    Why aren’t they arrested? Where is the outrage from our racist governor?

    1. Shelby

      Where is the outrage from decent citizens????

    2. Victor Nazarian

      If you are asking why nut jobs who are expressing obscene, horrible points of view are not ‘arrested’ for exercise of their freedoms of speech you must have missed a few things in school.

      1. Robert

        DeSantis banned the books that was supposed to teach that…

      2. Joe


    3. Phillysub

      It’s called freedom of speech.

  9. ElMarco

    24 people swarm DisneyWorld. Really?

    1. Chris

      One is too many!!!!

  10. @Edna
    Why are you more worried about people with unusual clothing styles than you are about people who celebrate the murders of religious and racial minorities?

  11. Kanto

    Paula take your political crap somewhere else, not here please.

  12. Cindy

    I only saw a handful of people outside Disney this is not the majority of Florida.

  13. Robert

    Edna, try spell check to make your message intelligible next time.

    1. John John


  14. John John

    When blacks were burning down towns, that was ok. When demonrats were destroying this country, and still is, that was ok. At least Trump & Desantis is trying to fix all the crap from the demonrats and organizations like dizzny. Go Trump & Go Desantis – you both are awesome…..

    1. Linda

      You will find out what it means to live under a dictator, if you’re not rich and helpful to the cause you’ll be lumped in with those you hate

    2. Trixie

      Well said, John John!

  15. Mike

    These so called “journalists” are not reporters. Look at other pieces from this person, and you’ll find it’s just another hit piece on DeSantis. There are a lot of them on News Break. This isn’t news reporting. It’s editorializing and opinion.

  16. Wow a whole ten people ! Conservatives don’t condone these people just like BLM or ANTFA . Disney and Disney alone slept on the Job causing this atmosphere

    1. Chris


  17. Lee

    all this was bought and paid for by our friends who want to smear DeSantis – just like they did Trump.

    1. sheree


  18. I didn’t see deSantis or Trump there so the reporter should try the truth, it was just a group peacefully protesting not people I believe in

  19. TL

    Actually… it sounds like YOU are the racist one.

  20. Rob

    I would love seeing a Trump flag in Disney. Pushing the mentally challenged ppls flag onto children is what’s horrific

  21. Out of all the comments you are the only one that has any morals and common sense!

    1. Chris


  22. Frank Stephens

    Good job of twisting the facts and turning the story into propaganda supporting Disney. Goebbels would love having you work for him.

  23. Zia

    Hate is wrong no matter what and should never be promoted or allowed in front of Disney World or anywhere else and never around kids. DeSantis sucks and he has ruined Florida.

    1. Mark

      Hate is bad. But then you hate on Desantis. :⁠-⁠O

  24. John

    These people are more likely to be Democratic operatives planted to make DeSantis look bad.
    DeSantis is not anti immigrant nor is he anti guy. Appropriate time and way is his point

    1. sheree

      amen !! i am reading a lot of hate coming from these comments from ppl who are supposedly against that very feeling . very democratic of them opposing hate with hate …. wow. kinda like how the hate trump and desantis . 2 negatives do not always make it positive, should say just because you oppose a negative it does not make you right !!!

    2. Jaxx

      John, you are one of the few sensible people commenting!

      I believe these were Democrats or Antifa, trying to ensure our beloved Governor doesn’t win in 2024!

    3. Mason

      Finally someone who has brain cells

  25. Deb

    Too bad that some people can’t use their critical thinking skills. Dressed in black and wearing masks are usually associated with a certain group. Just saying.

  26. Eric liscom

    Hmm…so, aside from the ones still picture, which has been photoshopped…
    I saw no Desantis flag in the video…
    So, how does this prove he is involved with those crazys?
    I call BS, until I see real proof thats not obviously been edited/changed…

  27. Phillysub

    Swarm? I doubt it. Did the group thank you for giving them the attention that they wanted?

  28. Gary

    Disney is not the place for this or anywhere else in the COUNTRY!

    1. sheree

      really what country is florida on now ???

  29. RickTR

    For the same reason the alphabet mob is allowed to shove their sick practices in kids’ faces.

  30. trent

    Swarmed??? 10 people that no one cares about is not a swarm. You news people always trying to stir stuff up with your lies and exaggerations. You are the problem with our country

  31. Eric Sutter

    The beat goes on… play ball!

  32. Rose

    I live in Florida. I’ve been to Disney World several times in the last few weeks and months. I’m a pass holder and go often. I haven’t seen the protests anywhere on my drive into the resort area or the parks. I question who these people are because they don’t represent majority of Floridians. There’s will always be a few who scream loud just to get noticed. Not everything seen in the news is completely true. Who is the source of this report?

    No one who comes to Florida even my gay cousin will be treated wrong. Come on. I don’t trust this news report.

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