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Mike Pence in front of Mulan brandishing a sword.



  1. Please never disrespect Mulan my favorite brave, independent and creative cleverness’s .

    My childhood favorite animated heroine I fell in love with breaking the rule tradition and breaking away society elegants.

    More beautiful

    Her relationship with her father Fa Zhou is the real love story when he is called to volunteer to go to war but is aging to weak and fragile will never survive another battle because he’s too old, that’s why Mulan did bravest thing to take her father’s place to save him from going to war while disguised herself as a boy soldier.

    Mulan and Mushu are the main focus about unusual duo it’s an iconic platonic buddy story continuing with Toy Story 2, Lilo and Stitch and Moana.

    Even though Li Shang is her main love interest but the remake with Houngchi is way better and the romance is better in the live action remake than the animated original.

  2. Also I believe women equality deserves the best and respect and they can be awesome as men can do.

    I believe in equality!

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