Lucasfilm Faces Major Issues Amid “Woke” Culture Revolution

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Writer of 'Burn it Down'

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Lucasfilm gets tons of glory for its creation of Star Wars and the literal kick-off of a genre with Willow. But new information suggests Lucasfilm faces major issues relating to woke culture rumors surrounding the studio that made some of this century’s preeminent films.

In a new book by Maureen Ryan, Burn it Down, the journalist and Hollywood aficionado stay true to the title. A lack of diversity was a major concern. Given stereotypical characters and the overall lack of LGBTQ+ representation in many releases, the claims don’t appear entirely unfounded. Still, it’s causing some debate about ‘woke culture’ and its perception retrospectively rather than in the now.

Behind the magic and hidden issues at Lucasfilm
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Much of the idea of focusing on the fact that Lucasfilm faces major issues is not because of the studio, but rather complicity. The premise lies in allegedly preventing the so-called ‘woke culture’ from simply becoming a culture. The spirit of Burn it Down speaks to the heart of long-term franchises. Changing Star Wars doesn’t happen overnight, but Jyn Erso is a step forward.

Another step in the epic saga of humanity is Lucasfilm’s modern storytelling strategy. It has some fans upset, calling it a ‘go woke, go broke’, but it also serves as a contradiction to the alleged issues at Lucasfilm. The fact that modern versions of the Star Wars and Willow franchises upset so many fans suggests that the studio is making strides.

The entire concept of a so-called ‘woke culture’ is contentious, mainly because it puts people into boxes. Inclusion and diversity take away those borders. Some people prefer the safety of those divisions and avidly support tradition.

The power of light shining on hidden issues at Lucasfilm
Credit: Lucasfilm

Historically, reactionaries are those who, after a change, revert to old ways. Revolutionaries seek out change in various ways, including the dramatic efforts of Burn it Down. Then there’s Disney, turning Indiana Jones into a story that embraces the changing world.

Hidden issues at Lucasfilm
Credit: Lucasfilm

Whether this means Maureen Ryan, author of Burn it Down is a part of the solution or simply lived to report the problem is unclear. What is certain is that darkness only exists without light, so even if the search turns up cobwebs, not skeletons, highlighting the idea that Lucasfilm faces major issues is a worthwhile effort.

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