‘Zootopia’s’ Jason Bateman to Play One Of The Angriest Dads of All Time

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An angry Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) in 'Zootopia'

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Disney fans, you probably know Jason Bateman best from his starring role as the smooth and charming Nick Wilde in Disney’s hit film Zootopia.

If you don’t know him from that, you may know him as Michael Bluth from Arrested Development, the only character with any sense in a family of out-of-touch, formerly-rich people, or from Ozark, where he plays a family man who slowly comes unhinged as he gets caught up in the world of drugs.

If you’re used to the latter, his new show won’t be as much of an adjustment for you.

Jason Bateman to Direct, Star in New Series Based on ‘Daddy Ball’ Article

michael cera and jason bateman as george michael and michael bluth on arrested development
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Netflix has recently acquired the rights to an Esquire story by author David Gauvey Herbert called “Daddy Ball.” There was a massive eight-way bidding war for this story, and once you know what it’s about, you’ll understand why.

The blurb for the article reads:

It started the way most dad-on-dad youth-sports rivalries do. But on the Long Island Inferno, two fathers, both with complicated pasts, took it all too far. There were claims of stalking, corrupt cops, and mob connections. Neither man was ever the same.

jason bateman as marty byrde in Ozark
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Everything about that sounds like it would make for compelling television – especially as a dark comedy, which is an area Jason Bateman excels in.

Bateman will star in and direct the eight-episode series, which will go by a different name than the article. The two leading roles, Bobby Sanfilippo and John Reardon both have interesting stories, but we’re guessing that Bateman will be playing Sanfilippo.

What Happened Between Bobby Sanfilippo and John Reardon in 2012?

baseball players at little league tournament daddy ball jason bateman
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Anyone from Long Island, or who followed Little League Baseball around 2012, will no doubt remember the story of Sanfilippo and Reardon, as the tabloids followed them closely at that time. Reports usually highlighted Sanfilippo as the worse of the two aggressors, and he was largely labeled as one of the worst dads in baseball history.

The man is described as wanting to be as different from his detached father as possible, which is what leads him to become so overly-involved in a Little League Baseball rivalry with another dad. This doesn’t sound unlike something that Michael Bluth would do in a misguided effort to be there for George Michael.

All of this is just speculation, however, as details of the project have likely not even begun to be finalized. Interested viewers might not see a release date until next year.

Who do you think Jason Bateman will play in Daddy Ball? Will you be looking forward to watching? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments.

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